I’ve decided on the next blanket for myself!

“But,” you say, “you have so many WIP’s already!”

Yes. Yes, I do. I don’t see the point here. Moving on!

I saw an absolutely gorgeous hexagon blanket shared on a Facebook crochet page recently. I had to have one for myself. It was a “starburst” hexagon, with circles of red, blue, green, and yellow from bright shades to dark, each hexagon ending with white so the blanket all tied together.

I immediately showed my husband and said “This is what I’m making next!”

What further made up my mind was when he mentioned “Sure, but I’d like it better if it was black instead of white. I’m messy.”

He likes it too! That just means I basically have to do it now. Black as the connecting color, and definitely shades of red and purple (because that’s his and my favorite colors). I’m not sure how many other colors I need, and what they would be. But I’m not buying the yarn until after our tax return comes in, so I have some time to decide. I’ll check back with you guys when I get an idea 🙂


The Rainbow Blanket

Might as well keep the name simple.

But I’m super excited because this is the first crochet thing I’ve come up with on my own. Not a pattern, not seeing someone else’s thing and trying to make it myself, this is entirely my own idea.

I should shut up and just show you instead of telling you over and over.

Just look at the plan:

Rainbow Blanket Plan

Excuse my MS Paint skills, although I think the idea comes off alright.

Each “corner” of 4 squares is going to be one colorway of Ice Yarn. I bought 4 balls of two different colorways for this plan, and will be buying the other two when budget allows.

I love it because there’s 16 squares, but each group of 4 makes its own little picture, and then the center 4 squares, even though they’ll be different colorways, should also make a neat little square of their own.

The stripes in between are probably going to be black. I wanted a border in between so the rainbow doesn’t get messy/overwhelming.

I’m aiming for 12″ squares, which should make this a roughly 6′ x 6′ blanket. Perfect for snuggling on the couch!

I think this is my first pattern! Eek! Unless there’s already one like this, but I couldn’t find it on Ravelry.

Tell me what you think! Is it a dumb idea? Is it the coolest thing ever? (Ok, just be honest but polite!)


Ok, so I wanted to update you on my Stained Glass afghan. So I checked my last post on it to see how far I had gotten when I last annoyed you all about it…and it was about the first square and then how my first 4 looked next to each other.

That’s pathetic. I’m now 20 squares in, and have been joining them together because I’m impatient. I also didn’t want to join 30 at once, plus I wanted to see how the layout would work.

My original layout sucked. I had the squares written out as “AB, AC, BA, etc.”, and when I was making my first layout, I assumed it was the first letter that was more important. So I tried my best to not have AB and AC next to each other, but I had several instances where, for example, a BA was next to a CA. The second color is more of an accent color, right?

Yeah, when I tested that layout, it failed. You can kind of see that in my photo from a while ago when I put 4 next to each other.


Huh…even though hot pink is the “accent” color, it kinda overpowers the first color. And it’s not just the blinding hot pink that has that issue, trust me. I tested all the square combinations.

Oh, and it doesn’t have anything to do with the topic, but here’s my picture of “how big will this afghan be?”…


At least in height. I apparently tested this when I only had 8 squares done, but there’s the 6 length-wise, and 3 of the width, with a library book for scale. Anyway…

So instead, I reworked my layout but didn’t put second colors next to the same thing. That sounds confusing, but you get the point. AB next to AC? Fine! AB next to CB? Hell no.

That layout worked surprisingly well. And it was good enough that I started joining rows! Just because I felt like it, I joined width-wise instead of the columns. No real reason.

Here’s the first 2 rows:


Pretty, right? That’s what really made me think “ok, this is going to work out”. It’s the exact look I was going for. It kind of looks random and mixed together, but no squares are next to the same color to look all weird. The dark squares (purple and raspberry in either order) still look a little odd next to each other, but there was no way to prevent that. It doesn’t look too bad in person, I swear.

Especially when the blanket grows:

IMG_20141011_222707 (1)

Ignore the feet. It’s surprisingly hard to take pictures of an afghan laid out on the floor!

This is 17 squares joined together, and I believe in the meantime I’ve added 3 more. And last night, I put another 2 on blocking mats, so I’m nearing the end!!!!

I know I don’t take enough pictures of the process…I’m trying to handle all this social media shit. I mostly put my pictures on Instagram, so if you want to see more progress pictures of all my projects, feel free to follow “crochetabby” on there. It’ll be like 90% crochet, and then 10% miscellaneous stuff because I sometimes feel like it, ok? Everyone Instagrams their snacks once in a while 🙂

Anyway, just wanted to share how happy I am with this blanket. I am not regretting it one bit, and I’m overjoyed at how it’s turning out. Selling it is going to be hard, but I need the money…for more yarn. So I’ll forge onward and eventually it’ll be in a new home for someone to enjoy it!

My favorite step of the Stained Glass squares!


It’s just so simple and pretty! I kind of want to use just these flowers in something in the future.

Oh, and to keep myself on track, I’m done with 5 squares so far! This is the 6th, and I think I’ve been working on it…4 days?

Plus, next spring there’s apparently an event at a local church where you can rent a table and sell shit. My MIL knows a woman who always gets a table, and she’s planning to talk to her about possibly sharing her table/fee with me! I probably won’t have enough stuff to make renting my own table worth it, but this would be great!

Not much to say today, I guess. I’m going to return to my blanket squares and Muppet movie 🙂

Stained Glass

4 squares done out of 30!


Yeah, I know it looks weird with the two pink-heavy squares next to each other. I’m playing with the order. And of course I know the one on the far right is un-blocked. It’s blocking right now. So shut up 🙂

This is going to be a decently-sized afghan! I don’t have a ruler, but I’m measuring them with my blocking mats so they’re at least the same size.

And I’m keeping my goal so far of one square a night!

My favorite afghan block so far!

I have finished my fourth block, Square D. It also has the honor of being the first square done in a solid color yarn. 

And it’s super cool! Just look at it:



It looks like a Lego!

Plus, my skepticism was for nothing. This color looks great with my multicolored yarn:



I took the pattern from Red Heart’s “Triple Texture Throw”, although I had to alter it quite a bit to make it fit my other squares. They wanted fewer bumps, essentially, because their intended square is more of a rectangle. But with some simple math, I turned a 27-stitch rectangle into a 34-stitch square!

I’m feeling better and better about this project the further I get into it. And that’s saying a lot for me. Usually by the time I get a few pieces into something like this, I’ve decided the whole thing is a failure. But I’m getting more and more excited to find new patterns!

Help me find new afghan squares! I only have two more patterns bookmarked to do…I need like a billion more!

An idea born in stupidity

Last night, I pulled an all-nighter. It’s a long story. The point is, I wanted to crochet to keep myself awake. And the projects I’m already working on are boring and would put me to sleep. Nothing against them, it’s just hard to stay awake to row after row of the same thing that I’ve been working on for months. New is fun.

So I bought some Simply Soft. Not exactly fancy, but this was impulse yarn and I was at Walmart. Plus, I’ll always have a soft spot (ha) in my heart for Simply Soft. It’s nice stuff for a budget. I got some blue/green stuff called “Peacock Feather”, because I loved the colors. When I bought it, I didn’t know what to do with it, so I got two skeins because that’d be plenty for a scarf or hat or something.

But when I began Ravelry-searching, I noticed some granny square patterns popping up, and a couple textured blanket squares. And that gave me an idea. I love Simply Soft. I love colors. I love projects that don’t become row after row after endless row of the same thing.

With a textured blanket comprised of different squares, I’d never get bored! And with different colors, it’d look super awesome!

So I looked up a few different square patterns last night, and began working with Red Heart’s “Checkerboard Textures Throw” CAL. I assume it’s ok to link it here because it’s a free pattern on their site: http://www.redheart.com/blog/join-us-checkerboard-textures-throw-crochet-along. It’s a CAL in progress, a square pattern every 2 weeks, so for now they only have like 5 squares up. But it was a start for me.

So far I have 2 squares done and a third started:



We’ll call this Square A…of course, the token granny square. You just have to have one. I know it looks slightly crappy, but this is unblocked.


Square B, I think they called it something like Cross Stitch. It’s crossed DC stitches, pretty fun to do.


Detail pic of the stitches in Square B.

After realizing I want to do this, I picked up more Simply Soft today in blue, green, and a blue/purple multi. I love my multicolored, and it’s how this started with the blue/green. I can’t do only solids now!




The top is the blue/green I originally picked up (the second skein), the rest is the new stuff today. I highly doubt this is all of it. But someone (my fiance) is imposing a “budget” and saying I “can’t splurge on yarn every day”…he just doesn’t understand 🙂

The question, however, is…

1. Do I make 4/5ish squares, and then several different colors of those squares (so square A in blue, green, purple…square B in blue, green purple…etc.)?

2. Or just make this completely random and just make the squares I find in the colors I have at the time (squares A, B and C in blue/green, squares D, E and F in solid green, etc.)?

I’m leaning towards the second option because it lets me do a lot more different squares. But share your opinions, I always like hearing from people who’ve done stuff like this before!

Also…it doesn’t seem like the Red Heart pattern I’m working with will be put up fast enough for my obsession with this blanket. I don’t want to take like a year to make this thing. Plus, their pattern calls for like 10 of the squares to be granny squares, and I’d rather have them all different (or my option 1).

Please help! Show me patterns for different afghan squares! I like different textures. Of course I’d prefer free sources, I’m a huge fan of free Ravelry patterns. But I don’t even know where to look! I’ve found all different granny ones on Ravelry, and I guess I’m ok with that, but I’d prefer that this not be 90% granny if I can help it.

This was an oddly long post for me. Hopefully that’s a good sign for my excitement with this project!