Ok, so I wanted to update you on my Stained Glass afghan. So I checked my last post on it to see how far I had gotten when I last annoyed you all about it…and it was about the first square and then how my first 4 looked next to each other.

That’s pathetic. I’m now 20 squares in, and have been joining them together because I’m impatient. I also didn’t want to join 30 at once, plus I wanted to see how the layout would work.

My original layout sucked. I had the squares written out as “AB, AC, BA, etc.”, and when I was making my first layout, I assumed it was the first letter that was more important. So I tried my best to not have AB and AC next to each other, but I had several instances where, for example, a BA was next to a CA. The second color is more of an accent color, right?

Yeah, when I tested that layout, it failed. You can kind of see that in my photo from a while ago when I put 4 next to each other.


Huh…even though hot pink is the “accent” color, it kinda overpowers the first color. And it’s not just the blinding hot pink that has that issue, trust me. I tested all the square combinations.

Oh, and it doesn’t have anything to do with the topic, but here’s my picture of “how big will this afghan be?”…


At least in height. I apparently tested this when I only had 8 squares done, but there’s the 6 length-wise, and 3 of the width, with a library book for scale. Anyway…

So instead, I reworked my layout but didn’t put second colors next to the same thing. That sounds confusing, but you get the point. AB next to AC? Fine! AB next to CB? Hell no.

That layout worked surprisingly well. And it was good enough that I started joining rows! Just because I felt like it, I joined width-wise instead of the columns. No real reason.

Here’s the first 2 rows:


Pretty, right? That’s what really made me think “ok, this is going to work out”. It’s the exact look I was going for. It kind of looks random and mixed together, but no squares are next to the same color to look all weird. The dark squares (purple and raspberry in either order) still look a little odd next to each other, but there was no way to prevent that. It doesn’t look too bad in person, I swear.

Especially when the blanket grows:

IMG_20141011_222707 (1)

Ignore the feet. It’s surprisingly hard to take pictures of an afghan laid out on the floor!

This is 17 squares joined together, and I believe in the meantime I’ve added 3 more. And last night, I put another 2 on blocking mats, so I’m nearing the end!!!!

I know I don’t take enough pictures of the process…I’m trying to handle all this social media shit. I mostly put my pictures on Instagram, so if you want to see more progress pictures of all my projects, feel free to follow “crochetabby” on there. It’ll be like 90% crochet, and then 10% miscellaneous stuff because I sometimes feel like it, ok? Everyone Instagrams their snacks once in a while 🙂

Anyway, just wanted to share how happy I am with this blanket. I am not regretting it one bit, and I’m overjoyed at how it’s turning out. Selling it is going to be hard, but I need the money…for more yarn. So I’ll forge onward and eventually it’ll be in a new home for someone to enjoy it!


I’m way too proud of this thing.

Like stupid proud.


Got all the horizontal joins done…


And vertical as well…


Holy shit, I’ve made a thing.


And look what kind of thing it is!

I made me a purse!

I took the “Big Dots Bag” pattern from a website that seems to be called Chocolate Mints in a Jar…I printed out the pattern and can’t go back to the page right now to check the site name. But the pattern is copyrighted to a Yasmin Garmal, I can tell you that much. That should be enough credit.

I used the pattern as written, besides colors, for the main bag. The only real changes were my edging on the top squares and that I joined further up on the sides than called for, I think,

Anyway, this pattern is supposed to be for one or maybe two colors. That bored me. No, that’s a lie. It looked super adorable on the pattern site. But you know me, I love my colors.

So I turned it into a four color pattern: blue, yellow, blue-green, and blue-purple. And then green to join, so five colors in all. And I regret nothing.

For a project that took roughly two days, this was awesome. I’m proud of my changes, I’m glad it worked out with only a few issues, and I will proudly carry this bag around. Or sell it, I haven’t decided yet.

My First Sweater, Part II

After spending a good part of the last 24 hours working on this (except for a work shift and some sleep), my first crocheted sweater is almost kind of taking sweater shape!


It was really hard to take a picture. But essentially, this is the body/torso part. That square in the middle is the neckhole, and the weird shapes on the side will seam together to form the sides and two armholes. And I think the sleeves will be done in the round from those once it’s seamed together?

This pattern is complicated enough without reading ahead. And that’s not an insult to the pattern, it’s just a complicated project. Which I really enjoy–I’m kind of tired of projects involving 75 rows of the same thing in a row (I’m looking at you, shawls/scarves!). I think that’s why I’ve been able to stay dedicated to this sweater.

That’s it for now, this is the only thing I’m working on right now (I’m getting better about dedication to one WIP at a time!).

See you later with (hopefully) more sweater updates!

I made a thing with no pattern!

I got a new phone recently. It’s pretty awesome.

I’m also going through a hippie-ish phase of clothing, so I wear a lot of maxi skirts and dresses around my apartment. These things don’t have pockets, at least not the ones I own.

This phone is too large to tuck into my bra like some girls do (or my boobs are too small).

All of these factors added up to me deciding that I don’t care how dumb it looks, I’m making a phone holster to carry it around my apartment. I had some Knitpicks worsted yarn left over from my Captain America project (Spiderman, my original plan, needed a lot more red than Cap does), and that stuff is soft and sturdy. It was perfect!


Isn’t it purrrrty?

I’m actually quite proud of this. I’d show you a picture with the phone, but my phone is the only camera I have. It’s a perfect fit, though. I chained until it was exactly the width of the phone, then did single crochet around on both sides of the chain to make a flat bottom:


Kinda blurry picture, but I think you get the idea. It was enough work figuring out how to get these pics on here, I’m not doing it again. From there, I did a round of SC in the back loops only, so that it would create that pretty edge. I just liked how it looked.

The rest of the case itself is HDC around and around and around…not very exciting, but it was a “long” enough stitch that it didn’t take a bazillion rows, but tight enough that I still feel like it’s protected. I went until I almost reached the top, there’s about half an inch of phone sticking out of the top. I wanted to be able to get the darn thing out of there (seriously, snug fit). 

For the cord, I looked up a way to make a sturdy cord out of yarn, and found this awesome tutorial:

It was great for my purposes–still loose and soft enough to wear it around my neck, but still sturdy.

However, because it’s my phone and I’m paranoid, I added another cord. I did the first one starting from one side and attaching to the other, then I just started a second cord from that side. When it was the right length, I tied it off and twisted them together before attaching it:


I’m not 100% sure why, I just thought it looked cool.

So, today is a landmark day. I wanted to make something, couldn’t find the right pattern, so I said “screw it” and made my own. And I’m really proud of that.

I finished a skirt!

Let me just say that there won’t be pictures of it on me for sad reasons. I don’t have a full-length mirror in my apartment. I tried taking pictures in the bathroom mirror with odd strategies like standing on the toilet, but it just doesn’t work. And I attempted to just take a picture of it on me without a mirror, but that just leads to weird pictures that look like I’m saying “look at my crotch and/or knees!”, so…not happening. 

But this will be good enough for now: 


This is the finished product. The colors aren’t as different as they appear in this picture. It makes it seem like the bottom is way darker than the rest, and that’s a lie.

Yeah, it looks sort of funny-shaped. The top will have elastic once I can afford to head to a craft store, so it’ll fit better than it appears lying flat.

Is it perfect? Hell no.

Is it beautiful? Probably only to me.

But am I super freaking proud of it? I can’t even express the levels of “hell yeah” I feel.

I made a thing. A thing I can actually wear. Sure, it’s heavy and warm, so in my Texas town I’m probably not wearing it for a while. But someday I will. And for now, I’ll wear it around my apartment and ask my roommates if they noticed my new skirt. Constantly. Their annoyance is a small price to pay for how good I feel about this skirt right now.

That’s really all I had to say at the moment. My granny squares are coming together! I have 20 so far, and I love them. I still need to figure out a goal number at some point, so I know when to stop!

I think I’ll get back to work on those now, actually. Gotta use my days off wisely!

What project have you been extremely proud of? I think we all have that project (or 4) that we want to tell EVERYONE about, whether they want to hear it or not. So what’s yours?

Time to be a real crocheter!

I have nothing important to share about my projects, really. I’m still working on that wonderful skirt, and I’m almost halfway through the final section of it. That’s totally awesome.

Oh, and yesterday I realized my future mother-in-law’s birthday is coming up (the day before mine), so I wanted to make her a frog amigurumi because that’s her favorite animal. My fiance said “there’s no way you can get it done in time to mail it”. I started it yesterday around 4, and today (just about 24 hours later) it has a stuffed head, a body done and ready to be stuffed once I find pebbles for weight, eyes, and two legs. Just the “arms” left, and putting it all together! Don’t challenge me when it comes to crochet 🙂

But anyway, the actually exciting news today is…I HAVE FOAM MATS! Every time a project needed blocking, I came up with weird solutions involving towels and my living room floor. Well, not anymore! I ordered a package of mats on Amazon and I have them in my room now! I don’t have the pins yet, but I also don’t have a project to block. So it works out.

Is this a normal experience? Was there something you finished or purchased that made you finally feel like you “deserved” to call yourself a crocheter? (Or whatever you call it)