Rainbow square 2 and another project!

It’s not very unique, so I’ll just show you–I finished the second square of the rainbow C2C blanket!


Look at ’em!

They look a bit weird right now but I might try blocking to see if they get nice and flat…although I’ve heard it might not do much with C2C. But I feel like they’ll look better once they’re joined in a blanket and bordered and everything.

Oh, and to use all my Vanna’s choice that I bought for the rug that never happened…I found a baby blanket pattern that I did once a long time ago and loved!

Moogly’s “Wavy Baby Blanket”, it’s really fun.


I think I’ll do half the squares with this tan/medium blue, and then the other half tan/light blue. And probably green or purple for the outline/joining color. This pattern works up very quickly and looks so cool!

Anyway, nothing of much importance to say today. I’m gonna go back to working on this baby blanket. See you later!



So we’re dogsitting for the next week. It’s awesome.

Why is it awesome?

1. They have wi-fi, which I haven’t had in months.

2. The beds here are WAY comfier than ours.

3. There’s a pool.

4. Since when I’m off work all I have to do is let the dogs out to walk sometimes, there is SO MUCH TIME TO CROCHET.

That’s why I’m in heaven for the next several days. I’m making a lot of progress on the Ruffled Ribbons mat! The goal is to send it to my mom for Christmas in the package for my family, so the unofficial deadline for this project is “as soon as freaking possible” because I’m sure a Christmas package won’t get there in just a couple days.

I’m on row 43 out of 52 on the back mat piece, and I’d show a picture but it’d look pretty boring because it’s just a gray square. I think I have 4 1/2 ribbons done, too, so I’m roughly halfway finished with the whole thing!


We never come to Starbucks anymore…I need wifi at home again.

So I have updates on like everything.

First of all, the bulldog blanket for my grandfather-in-law. I’m hoping to have it done by Christmas, but since my brother’s birthday has already passed and the Batman blanket was supposed to be his present, it’s been taking priority. But anyway, here’s the bulldog:


I didn’t want to put all the pictures of him on here because it looks pretty boring in order: “here’s the bottom lines of some paws…here you can kind of see the 4th paw…here’s a few more rows to fill out some toes…”

Isn’t it cool? I’ve done more since then but couldn’t find the picture…he has half a tongue now, and I’m actually onto his cheeks and soon I’ll get to the collar! I’m making good progress, until I basically stopped for Batman.

So I should update on him. I don’t remember where I last was when I showed you, so I’ll just share the most recent pic of him:


Totally freaking sweet, right? I am in love. And I really hope my little bro likes it. It’s unofficially for his 20th birthday (because that passed 2 weeks ago), so I think he’s at the right age where he’ll appreciate a practical gift like a blanket, but also be excited that it’s BATMAN!

Ooh, and I’m almost done with it, too! I’m a bit further than that picture, but just look at THIS…


To keep track of my stitches and rows, I copied/pasted the instructions for Batman into a word document. The 125 rows took up like 3-4 pages. I’ve been deleting each chunk of stitches and then each row as I complete it. It’s worked really well!

And I believe this was yesterday, I deleted a row and realized that at the bottom of my screen…I think you can read it there…it says FINISH OFF. I’m close enough to the end that the remaining rows can fit on ONE screen! I’m on row 106 now, so just 20 to go and Batman is DONE!!!!!

Aside from that, because I love torturing myself with projects, I have been making a rug. I really wanted to work with cotton because I hadn’t worked with “nice” cotton yet. Just crappy, scratchy Peaches & Cream. It makes a sturdy-ass dishcloth but sucks to work with.

So a week ago, when I was given a yarn budget again, I went to Hobby Lobby and bought 14 balls of “I Love This Cotton”…

20141116_103904 (1)

4 gray because I found it pretty, and then I was looking for 10 colors in some sort of pretty transition. I liked blue/purple, and then I found green and it ended up being exactly 10 with all the shades, so I was in love. I wanted to do the “Ruffled Ribbons Rug” from my good old obsession Felted Button. I love that woman. I couldn’t remember how many colors I needed but I guessed 10, and ended up being exactly right.


The back is done in one piece, and this gray ended up being perfect. It’s just gorgeous…I want to touch it every time I see it. Like I’ll be working on something else and just HAVE to touch the gray rug mat thing. It’s half done now. The way this pattern works is the mat piece and then the 10 “ribbons” are all different pieces. I knew I’d be so bored if I did the whole mat and then 10 whole ribbons, so I divided it up and I do a ribbon every several rows of the mat.

So I’m halfway through the mat and have 4 of the ribbons done out of 10 (I’m working on the 5th)…it’s a fairly quick project. But again, Batman is taking precedence until I get the damn thing done. And my ribbon pictures failed to upload 😦 I’m not going through all that work again getting it from my phone to Dropbox to my computer to here…they’re not that cool-looking individually anyway.

Um…I think that’s everything. I’m using the leftover cotton from the bath mat to make a baby blanket because we just learned my cousin is pregnant! It’s the first kid in my family in about 5 years so I’m super excited. I haven’t had an excuse to make any baby stuff and it feels weird to do with no baby to give it to. But now I have one!

I hope to be back soon but make no promises. Batman needs me!


Ok, so I wanted to update you on my Stained Glass afghan. So I checked my last post on it to see how far I had gotten when I last annoyed you all about it…and it was about the first square and then how my first 4 looked next to each other.

That’s pathetic. I’m now 20 squares in, and have been joining them together because I’m impatient. I also didn’t want to join 30 at once, plus I wanted to see how the layout would work.

My original layout sucked. I had the squares written out as “AB, AC, BA, etc.”, and when I was making my first layout, I assumed it was the first letter that was more important. So I tried my best to not have AB and AC next to each other, but I had several instances where, for example, a BA was next to a CA. The second color is more of an accent color, right?

Yeah, when I tested that layout, it failed. You can kind of see that in my photo from a while ago when I put 4 next to each other.


Huh…even though hot pink is the “accent” color, it kinda overpowers the first color. And it’s not just the blinding hot pink that has that issue, trust me. I tested all the square combinations.

Oh, and it doesn’t have anything to do with the topic, but here’s my picture of “how big will this afghan be?”…


At least in height. I apparently tested this when I only had 8 squares done, but there’s the 6 length-wise, and 3 of the width, with a library book for scale. Anyway…

So instead, I reworked my layout but didn’t put second colors next to the same thing. That sounds confusing, but you get the point. AB next to AC? Fine! AB next to CB? Hell no.

That layout worked surprisingly well. And it was good enough that I started joining rows! Just because I felt like it, I joined width-wise instead of the columns. No real reason.

Here’s the first 2 rows:


Pretty, right? That’s what really made me think “ok, this is going to work out”. It’s the exact look I was going for. It kind of looks random and mixed together, but no squares are next to the same color to look all weird. The dark squares (purple and raspberry in either order) still look a little odd next to each other, but there was no way to prevent that. It doesn’t look too bad in person, I swear.

Especially when the blanket grows:

IMG_20141011_222707 (1)

Ignore the feet. It’s surprisingly hard to take pictures of an afghan laid out on the floor!

This is 17 squares joined together, and I believe in the meantime I’ve added 3 more. And last night, I put another 2 on blocking mats, so I’m nearing the end!!!!

I know I don’t take enough pictures of the process…I’m trying to handle all this social media shit. I mostly put my pictures on Instagram, so if you want to see more progress pictures of all my projects, feel free to follow “crochetabby” on there. It’ll be like 90% crochet, and then 10% miscellaneous stuff because I sometimes feel like it, ok? Everyone Instagrams their snacks once in a while 🙂

Anyway, just wanted to share how happy I am with this blanket. I am not regretting it one bit, and I’m overjoyed at how it’s turning out. Selling it is going to be hard, but I need the money…for more yarn. So I’ll forge onward and eventually it’ll be in a new home for someone to enjoy it!

Stained Glass

4 squares done out of 30!


Yeah, I know it looks weird with the two pink-heavy squares next to each other. I’m playing with the order. And of course I know the one on the far right is un-blocked. It’s blocking right now. So shut up 🙂

This is going to be a decently-sized afghan! I don’t have a ruler, but I’m measuring them with my blocking mats so they’re at least the same size.

And I’m keeping my goal so far of one square a night!


Ok, so a lot of cool shit happened recently.

1. There is now a yarn store in my city. It’s small, it’s a little non-profit group that sells yarn to fund shipping hats and stuff to charities, but they sell yarn and that’s what matters.

2. They sell CASCADE YARN!!! I’ve always wanted to try it and finally got the chance.

3. The ladies are super nice and told me that I can come in there and hang out and crochet whenever they’re open, that a bunch of them just sit in the back (there are comfy chairs) and make shit together.

4. They mentioned bringing in some of my stuff for consignment if I’m interested.

So…I may have an opportunity to sell my stuff now. And I finally feel like I’m at a skill level where this might work.

First of all, an update on the blanket in progress:


I don’t think I’ve shared this one yet, anyway. If I have, shut up and look at it again. It’s a slow blanket, but progress is progress.

Then, look at another thing I accomplished in the meantime. My MIL is obsessed with Groot from GotG. So when I saw a crochet pattern for a baby Groot in a little pot, I knew I basically had to make her one.

20140909_162413 20140909_170856 20140909_185430 20140909_192722 20140909_194829

I didn’t want any more leaves on him because I didn’t want him covered in lime green (I didn’t have a more natural/leafy green, but I think the bright works in small doses). He is in a little plastic pot now with fake moss and everything, but we put him in MIL’s room to surprise her this morning, and she immediately took him to school (she’s a teacher) to be her desk buddy. So I don’t have a picture of that.

He was really fun to make! I’d love to make more and sell them, but I realized that I probably can’t sell likenesses of Groot. Marvel kinda owns him so that isn’t really legal. I’ll see what I can do with the extra pots I bought (they were 50 cents on clearance, I basically had to buy them!), there has to be other crochet plants to make.

Alright, and then the big excitement of the week:


Cascade yarn! I think this one is called Pinwheel? It looked colorful, and I don’t use much slow-striping yarn, so it was definitely a fun impulse buy with no plans of what to make.

I started a few projects and frogged them, before I just randomly started making small granny squares:


I dunno, granny squares are usually a pretty safe bet for crochet ideas. And yes, they look like crap, but obviously they’re not blocked or anything yet.

Then I had an idea. I can make a bag!

I unofficially planned to bring whatever I made into this wonderful shop for consignment, probably to spend whatever I might make on yarn right away (if it sells…please!). And I started to think about what might sell best. They had crap tons of amigurumis there, and baby blankets, but not much for adults to impulse buy, which I feel is the best way to sell crochet projects–you know, “I simply must buy this handmade scarf because it’s different from anything else my friends will have!”

And it occurred to me that I didn’t see a single bag. Warm stuff like shawls and hats wouldn’t sell as well down here in Texas because you never need to bundle up. But bags are year-round accessories, so I think people would like it.

I can’t remember the site right now, but I’ve seen a layout for a bag using like 24 squares. They weren’t granny squares in that site’s example, but I think it should work fine. So that’s the number I’m aiming for. I worked on them for a couple nights, and I’m up to 20ish, I think. I sort of lost my scissors so it’s on hold for today, but here’s my stack so far:


I like that they’re still similar, the deep brownish green is in every square. But the pink is obviously different from the orange, and the blue. It should look nice all laid out in a bag pattern if I mix the colors as much as possible.

I think that’s all for today. And it was a lot, so I’m kinda proud of that. Oh, and I obviously gave up on that Happiness Journal challenge. Work just didn’t allow for as much time as I liked, and when they kept making me stay until close, I often didn’t have time to post before midnight/bed. So…oops.

I never know how to end a post. Bye!