The Rainbow Blanket

Might as well keep the name simple.

But I’m super excited because this is the first crochet thing I’ve come up with on my own. Not a pattern, not seeing someone else’s thing and trying to make it myself, this is entirely my own idea.

I should shut up and just show you instead of telling you over and over.

Just look at the plan:

Rainbow Blanket Plan

Excuse my MS Paint skills, although I think the idea comes off alright.

Each “corner” of 4 squares is going to be one colorway of Ice Yarn. I bought 4 balls of two different colorways for this plan, and will be buying the other two when budget allows.

I love it because there’s 16 squares, but each group of 4 makes its own little picture, and then the center 4 squares, even though they’ll be different colorways, should also make a neat little square of their own.

The stripes in between are probably going to be black. I wanted a border in between so the rainbow doesn’t get messy/overwhelming.

I’m aiming for 12″ squares, which should make this a roughly 6′ x 6′ blanket. Perfect for snuggling on the couch!

I think this is my first pattern! Eek! Unless there’s already one like this, but I couldn’t find it on Ravelry.

Tell me what you think! Is it a dumb idea? Is it the coolest thing ever? (Ok, just be honest but polite!)


I need to learn my lesson….

…but I never will.

Yeah, I started ANOTHER big project. This one will probably be sold if I can manage it. But we had an unexpected check show up in the mail (legal, I promise, we just forgot about it), and I wanted some yarn, so I found a project for which I could get pretty much exactly the amount of yarn I needed with my budget. And the result was the Stained Glass Afghan. For only two bucks on Ravelry, it seemed very worth it. And it was.

I took photos of the progress through the first block. Since this is a paid pattern, I really hope this isn’t giving away too much info on how the block works. If it is, and I am told to take it out, I gladly will. But for now, I’m going to post my progress photos because I find it super cool to watch the block take shape!


Hobby Lobby was my best option for yarn, because even though our city has a nice little independent yarn shop, they pretty much only sell Cascade, and a blanket needs a lot of yarn…I’d go broke. I Love This Yarn is my favorite non-RHSS worsted for stuff like blankets. It’s soft, thick, warm, and comes in a lot of colors.

I picked these colors because the pattern says it’s for three colors, but for a real “stained glass look”, black outlines are kinda needed. So I got plenty of black. That left two other colors in the pattern, but I didn’t want 30 identical squares (the square amount that another Raveler used for their blanket, and it sounded good to me!). So instead of picking out two other colors, I found three. And I figured I’d pair them up to make all different squares!

As you can see, I found hot pink (I guess I’m not over leaving it out of my ripple blanket), raspberry, and then a light/medium purple. I loved how they looked together in the store. As I’m working on it, I see that the raspberry and purple are pretty similar, but hopefully they’re unique enough in the finished product.

I also realized from similar projects that I needed to plan this out rather than just start crocheting. I needed to know how many squares to make, or I’ll have an 80% pink blanket.

Here’s the result of that planning:


I’m kinda proud that I only had to switch around a few squares. It’s not completely random, but I figured out all the ways to pair them (the AB, BC, AC stuff), and then tried my best to “randomly” spread out those squares. It worked surprisingly well with 30 squares–6 different combos for my three colors, 5 squares of each type!

I realized that I got myself in some trouble when I named my colors A, B, and C…and then the pattern uses ABC in the instructions, with B always meaning black in my layout. So I have to go through a mental translation of “it says join in C, so that’s my second color in the AB square, so C means B which means raspberry…”, but it’s working out so far.

I’ll stop talking so much and just show you the cool process now:

20140922_183035_Richtone(HDR) 20140922_183658_Richtone(HDR) 20140922_203120_Richtone(HDR) 20140922_205251_Richtone(HDR) 20140922_212732_Richtone(HDR) 20140922_214727_Richtone(HDR) 20140922_220915_Richtone(HDR) 20140922_221850_Richtone(HDR) 20140922_223246_Richtone(HDR) 20140922_224453_Richtone(HDR)

My husband kept looking at it throughout and remarking “it doesn’t really look like stained glass”, until I showed him the final square. It’s the black that really makes it.

He still feels that my colors don’t “work” for stained glass, but personally I love it! This was a “C-A” square, because I felt like just starting at the top left corner of my planned layout rather than doing all 5 squares of each color combo in order.

Then I did a “B-C”, but I won’t bore you with the progress pics this time.


It doesn’t look that different, but once they’re next to each other it really shows.


I. Love. It.

It’s going to be a very colorful blanket, but at the same time, they’re all pink/purple, so it won’t clash. Or it shouldn’t, at least.

I probably won’t want to sell it, but it’s a bit too girly for me and my decor, so I’m going to make myself put it up for sale when it’s done. I don’t think this one will work in the store on consignment, it’s a bit too pricey. I’ll probably just list it online and advertise it on Facebook and stuff.

I’m rambling, but I’m so excited! My goal is a square per night, I just had extra time last night so I started the second one and finished it this morning. I’ll do #3 tonight and see if I can start a fourth.

Before I cut off my ramblings, let me know if you like it! Does it have a “stained glass” look? Are the colors clashing or do they work? I’m really curious because I am WAY too invested in this to actually tell objectively. Be honest!

Is there such a thing as “too colorful”?


Because I’m quite sure that this shawl meets the requirements. But I love it so much.

I enjoyed the red shawl enough that I ordered some of this “Think Bamboo” stuff. It’s soft, and colorful, so I figured it would work out well. And it looks super pretty in the ball!


I was skeptical at first:


Looks maybe a bit too overwhelming, right?

But once I kept going, it seemed to calm down as it got more colorful. It might be so clashing that it kind of works as a whole…is that a thing? I think it should be. And named after me or my Etsy store because that’s the kind of thing I love to make!