I made up a thing and it actually worked out!

I got a bunch of yarn money for my birthday at our party this weekend (joint party with myself and mother-in-law, ours are a day apart)! We decided that everything I got had to go towards my yarn business in some way, and I’m ok with that because I have that booth sale in less than a month.

So it was only right that today, on my actual birthday, I spent a decent chunk of it! And last night, too. Walmart, Hobby Lobby, and then Michaels to top it all off! I was looking for a hairpin lace thing, but couldn’t find one anywhere so I’ll have to order that online.

But anyway, one of the things I found yesterday was some Caron Simply Soft. It was the first “nicer” yarn I used after I realized there was SO much more than just RHSS. Haven’t used it all that much since, so I figured I’d give it a try. I found three colors I really liked–Cobalt Blue, Super Duper Yellow (I liked that name), and Green (aw, boring name). I loved the colors and also how they looked together!

Right away when I got them home, I wanted to make something with moss/granite stitch. I just love how that stitch looks with contrasting colors! I didn’t even bother to look up a pattern and just kinda started.

And it worked!

20150330_124747 20150330_124713 20150330_123714

It fits glasses (as shown), it holds my phone (but it’s the only camera I have so I couldn’t show that), and I’m sure it holds a ton of other stuff but I wanted to share it rather than running around the house testing 🙂

I can’t write patterns to save my life, but basically I just chained to the width I want (when folded in half), then did moss/granite stitch with 6 rows of color A (blue), 1 row of color B (yellow), 2 rows of color C (green), then 1 row of B again. And repeat until it’s the right height. I then folded it in half and slip-stitched down the long side and across the final short side to make an open tube thing!