Business is booming!

After a slight decline in orders once the weather warmed up (no one wanted hats and scarves once it hit 70 degrees, big surprise), it’s back on again!

I posted designer BriAbby’s dragon hat on my selling Facebook page, asking if anybody wanted one because I really wanted to make one. And a woman said her 2 year old would love one!

So I created this beauty…I like showing off all my progress pics, so here it is all smushed into one post.

20150226_201625 20150227_122558 20150227_123618

The hat itself. Pretty simple hat with earflaps.

Then came the fun part…


Such a simple beginning. I was so naive!


There’s a full dragon! That took a crazy long time.

20150228_190704 20150228_204009 20150228_221824 20150228_223721

Then all the pieces. The final picture is every single piece piled up together. I wanted to rub it in my own face just how much busy work went into this damn thing.

20150301_163418 20150301_163423 20150301_163430

But it led to this beautiful creature! Excuse my odd display strategy, I don’t have a toddler-sized head to use, and it doesn’t look right unless it’s on some kind of round-ish shape. I really, really hope this fits the little guy. I might be meeting with the woman this evening, so I’m crossing my fingers because I want the money 🙂

In other awesome news, I made a sweater! It’s a Ravelry paid pattern called “My Favorite Crochet Pullover”. It was like 5 bucks and I did not regret a single cent. Look it up. Now.

Oh, and I used Vanna’s Choice in “Fern”. It was 4 balls for the main sweater and one ball of a darker green (can’t remember the name) for the edging.

20150219_084635 20150219_090257

This stage worried me because it was so bumpy…


But it flattened out!

20150219_195945 20150220_220858 20150221_144209

Look, it’s all sweater-y! Also, I love how much lighting affects the color. This is the same sweater in all three pictures, I swear.


Voila! I made a super cute sweater that I love so much. There’s no shaping in the torso/waist, I swear…it just really looks that way! Trust me, this pattern is amazing. GO BUY IT RIGHT NOW. I’M WATCHING YOU. This designer deserves all the money.

A woman saw my picture on Facebook and asked me to make her TWO sweaters! I just don’t have the cash yet to buy the yarn for them, so I’m making a bunch of little things to quickly sell for yarn money.

This is one:

20150302_093127 20150302_093134 20150302_093145

This makes me smile every time I see it. It’s a freaking shark hat. You have a shark on your head when you wear this thing. And it’s a free pattern! (Repeat Crafter Me is awesome.)

I’m working on my first African Flower project right now, but I’m tired of taking pictures right now. So I’ll be back with those pics later.

Thanks for reading all my rambling today. See you later on!


Hats and hats and hats…and a scarf

So a few days ago, I got a very belated Christmas present in the mail!

My best friend from high school sent me this:


She said, and I quote, “I don’t know if these are for knitting or crocheting or what, but I hope you like them and can use them for something”.

I love her, and I’m happy that she tries to understand 🙂

I don’t know what I’m going to do with the Thick & Quick, because from what I remember a single ball is like maybe enough for a hat. But I’m making Moogly’s “Artfully Simple Infinity Scarf” with the Unforgettable! I’ve made it once before with some sock yarn, so I’m hoping it’ll turn out even better with the actual intended yarn! Haven’t really started on it yet, because of course more and more hats are ordered every day…

20150117_130100 20150121_115959 20150121_120120

I really like that silver headband. I’m holding it in the picture because I didn’t have a button at the time but my MIL (the recipient) wanted a picture. And the scarf was super fun!

I’ve actually tried that same scarf pattern before, with what I’ve titled my “Fruity Pebbles” scarf…


I still love it, but it’s still “in progress” and sitting in a box. For some reason with that thin baby-blanket yarn, it takes SO much longer. Also I wasn’t getting paid for that one, so that’s probably a factor too.

Anyway, I should get back to it. My aunt ordered two identical hats in black, and crocheting is always a challenge in black because it’s so hard to see the damn stitches!

See you later!

And it grows…

I have 9 orders to be made, I’ve already finished 3!

The same woman who ordered the red hat I shared earlier liked it so much that she ordered a headband as well!


She also told me that her daughters might want one too, so I may have two more to make in a few days…

And a red hat for another buyer:


Pattern credit goes to Vallieskids blog, this is the “Olivia’s Butterfly” pattern with some modifications to make it adult-sized.

This hat does not photograph well for whatever reason, but it looks great on an actual head, I swear!

Time to go make a green version of the same thing, it’s the most popular request by far for some reason. I don’t mind, because this pattern works up VERY quickly.

I may be back!

It’s taking off!

My mother-in-law loves to share pictures of my finished projects on Facebook.

Today was definitely a great day for it…

Since this morning, I’ve received 5 orders, and finished one already!

I know this will soon feel overwhelming, but money is money and I’m very proud and happy and excited.


Here’s the first hat! My second commission ever!