Ok, so a lot of cool shit happened recently.

1. There is now a yarn store in my city. It’s small, it’s a little non-profit group that sells yarn to fund shipping hats and stuff to charities, but they sell yarn and that’s what matters.

2. They sell CASCADE YARN!!! I’ve always wanted to try it and finally got the chance.

3. The ladies are super nice and told me that I can come in there and hang out and crochet whenever they’re open, that a bunch of them just sit in the back (there are comfy chairs) and make shit together.

4. They mentioned bringing in some of my stuff for consignment if I’m interested.

So…I may have an opportunity to sell my stuff now. And I finally feel like I’m at a skill level where this might work.

First of all, an update on the blanket in progress:


I don’t think I’ve shared this one yet, anyway. If I have, shut up and look at it again. It’s a slow blanket, but progress is progress.

Then, look at another thing I accomplished in the meantime. My MIL is obsessed with Groot from GotG. So when I saw a crochet pattern for a baby Groot in a little pot, I knew I basically had to make her one.

20140909_162413 20140909_170856 20140909_185430 20140909_192722 20140909_194829

I didn’t want any more leaves on him because I didn’t want him covered in lime green (I didn’t have a more natural/leafy green, but I think the bright works in small doses). He is in a little plastic pot now with fake moss and everything, but we put him in MIL’s room to surprise her this morning, and she immediately took him to school (she’s a teacher) to be her desk buddy. So I don’t have a picture of that.

He was really fun to make! I’d love to make more and sell them, but I realized that I probably can’t sell likenesses of Groot. Marvel kinda owns him so that isn’t really legal. I’ll see what I can do with the extra pots I bought (they were 50 cents on clearance, I basically had to buy them!), there has to be other crochet plants to make.

Alright, and then the big excitement of the week:


Cascade yarn! I think this one is called Pinwheel? It looked colorful, and I don’t use much slow-striping yarn, so it was definitely a fun impulse buy with no plans of what to make.

I started a few projects and frogged them, before I just randomly started making small granny squares:


I dunno, granny squares are usually a pretty safe bet for crochet ideas. And yes, they look like crap, but obviously they’re not blocked or anything yet.

Then I had an idea. I can make a bag!

I unofficially planned to bring whatever I made into this wonderful shop for consignment, probably to spend whatever I might make on yarn right away (if it sells…please!). And I started to think about what might sell best. They had crap tons of amigurumis there, and baby blankets, but not much for adults to impulse buy, which I feel is the best way to sell crochet projects–you know, “I simply must buy this handmade scarf because it’s different from anything else my friends will have!”

And it occurred to me that I didn’t see a single bag. Warm stuff like shawls and hats wouldn’t sell as well down here in Texas because you never need to bundle up. But bags are year-round accessories, so I think people would like it.

I can’t remember the site right now, but I’ve seen a layout for a bag using like 24 squares. They weren’t granny squares in that site’s example, but I think it should work fine. So that’s the number I’m aiming for. I worked on them for a couple nights, and I’m up to 20ish, I think. I sort of lost my scissors so it’s on hold for today, but here’s my stack so far:


I like that they’re still similar, the deep brownish green is in every square. But the pink is obviously different from the orange, and the blue. It should look nice all laid out in a bag pattern if I mix the colors as much as possible.

I think that’s all for today. And it was a lot, so I’m kinda proud of that. Oh, and I obviously gave up on that Happiness Journal challenge. Work just didn’t allow for as much time as I liked, and when they kept making me stay until close, I often didn’t have time to post before midnight/bed. So…oops.

I never know how to end a post. Bye!