Rainbow square 2 and another project!

It’s not very unique, so I’ll just show you–I finished the second square of the rainbow C2C blanket!


Look at ’em!

They look a bit weird right now but I might try blocking to see if they get nice and flat…although I’ve heard it might not do much with C2C. But I feel like they’ll look better once they’re joined in a blanket and bordered and everything.

Oh, and to use all my Vanna’s choice that I bought for the rug that never happened…I found a baby blanket pattern that I did once a long time ago and loved!

Moogly’s “Wavy Baby Blanket”, it’s really fun.


I think I’ll do half the squares with this tan/medium blue, and then the other half tan/light blue. And probably green or purple for the outline/joining color. This pattern works up very quickly and looks so cool!

Anyway, nothing of much importance to say today. I’m gonna go back to working on this baby blanket. See you later!


Check out square 1!


Ignore the table stuff, it was hard to take a picture of a square for some reason.

But I’m really happy with it! Once I can sit down and work on it, a square doesn’t take all that long. It’s right around 12 inches, too, which fits my plan…although I discovered my math sucks in the morning so this blanket probably won’t be as big as I planned. But I’m winging it, so I don’t care. If it ends up just being 4′-something on each side, then it’ll be a nice square size for a couch…right?

Anyway, that’s what I’m sticking with right now. It’ll be a nice pretty blanket regardless of size, and I’ll love it because RAINBOW!

The Rainbow Blanket

Might as well keep the name simple.

But I’m super excited because this is the first crochet thing I’ve come up with on my own. Not a pattern, not seeing someone else’s thing and trying to make it myself, this is entirely my own idea.

I should shut up and just show you instead of telling you over and over.

Just look at the plan:

Rainbow Blanket Plan

Excuse my MS Paint skills, although I think the idea comes off alright.

Each “corner” of 4 squares is going to be one colorway of Ice Yarn. I bought 4 balls of two different colorways for this plan, and will be buying the other two when budget allows.

I love it because there’s 16 squares, but each group of 4 makes its own little picture, and then the center 4 squares, even though they’ll be different colorways, should also make a neat little square of their own.

The stripes in between are probably going to be black. I wanted a border in between so the rainbow doesn’t get messy/overwhelming.

I’m aiming for 12″ squares, which¬†should¬†make this a roughly 6′ x 6′ blanket. Perfect for snuggling on the couch!

I think this is my first pattern! Eek! Unless there’s already one like this, but I couldn’t find it on Ravelry.

Tell me what you think! Is it a dumb idea? Is it the coolest thing ever? (Ok, just be honest but polite!)