I don’t really have much else to share because this is literally all I’ve been working on for days.

So I have to formally announce it on here.

This damn blanket is finally 100% FINISHED.


That is all. I’m now looking up something small and fun to do to save my sanity. I have scrap worsted yarn and a lot of free time now 🙂


I don’t want to know how long it’s been since I’ve posted. Can you tell I work retail during the beginning of the holiday season?

And don’t have wifi…whatever, I can make excuses for hours. Might as well just stop whining and make a damn post 🙂

Anyway, I’ve completed the Stained Glass Afghan!

20141028_102323 20141028_102253

Here it is in all its glory! It’s super hard to take pictures of an afghan without a bed big enough to display it 😦 I’ll tell my husband that this means we need a queen-size bed…that’ll work, right? It’s for my crocheting!

So this blanket is joined, edged with black, and ready to hopefully find a new home! It’s all listed on Etsy and expectantly waiting for its new owner. Feels good.

I also got bored one night and made a quick hat/gloves combo for the hell of it:

20141028_102113 20141028_102020

Don’t know why I didn’t take a picture of just the hat. Hmm. Weird. Anyway, I like them. Also on Etsy now. I feel so professional!

And now, because I’m apparently a glutton for punishment, I started another project. No, I’m not done with the Batman afghan for my brother yet. His birthday is in about a week, so…oops. I never promised him that that’s when he’d get it, though, it was just my unofficial plan. I may crochet something extra, a little Batman amigurumi or something to send along with it. That’ll make up for it.

No, I started something for a different family member. My grandfather-in-law is a very sweet man. He has a lady friend whom he loves very much (she’s widowed, he’s a widower, they both need someone in their lives and they work very well together), and he asked me to make her an afghan. She graduated from the local high school and still has a lot of pride for them, so he wants it to be in those colors and with the mascot.

I found some clip-art of the mascot (a bulldog) and used a site that makes a chart out of a picture. I can’t really share that pic just because I’m too lazy to take a screenshot and reupload and all that crap, but that’s what I did. I’m doing a double crochet for each “box” on the graph, hopefully making a picture out of crochet.

Basically, like the Batman one, but making it up instead of someone nicely writing it out for me. But I’m up to the toes of the dog and it’s working out so far!

The problem is that it’s not going to be big enough by far. I knew that, but the site I used only had a few size settings, and the biggest was 160 stitches across. I didn’t know how to properly translate that for a king-size bed, so I’m just doing that number. My idea is to make this dog and see how big that rectangle is. Then I’ll use other things like the name of the school, pawprints, and maybe the names of the couple to kind of make a patchwork crochet blanket? It may either be the best idea I’ve ever had or the dumbest. We’ll see where it goes.


Ok, so I wanted to update you on my Stained Glass afghan. So I checked my last post on it to see how far I had gotten when I last annoyed you all about it…and it was about the first square and then how my first 4 looked next to each other.

That’s pathetic. I’m now 20 squares in, and have been joining them together because I’m impatient. I also didn’t want to join 30 at once, plus I wanted to see how the layout would work.

My original layout sucked. I had the squares written out as “AB, AC, BA, etc.”, and when I was making my first layout, I assumed it was the first letter that was more important. So I tried my best to not have AB and AC next to each other, but I had several instances where, for example, a BA was next to a CA. The second color is more of an accent color, right?

Yeah, when I tested that layout, it failed. You can kind of see that in my photo from a while ago when I put 4 next to each other.


Huh…even though hot pink is the “accent” color, it kinda overpowers the first color. And it’s not just the blinding hot pink that has that issue, trust me. I tested all the square combinations.

Oh, and it doesn’t have anything to do with the topic, but here’s my picture of “how big will this afghan be?”…


At least in height. I apparently tested this when I only had 8 squares done, but there’s the 6 length-wise, and 3 of the width, with a library book for scale. Anyway…

So instead, I reworked my layout but didn’t put second colors next to the same thing. That sounds confusing, but you get the point. AB next to AC? Fine! AB next to CB? Hell no.

That layout worked surprisingly well. And it was good enough that I started joining rows! Just because I felt like it, I joined width-wise instead of the columns. No real reason.

Here’s the first 2 rows:


Pretty, right? That’s what really made me think “ok, this is going to work out”. It’s the exact look I was going for. It kind of looks random and mixed together, but no squares are next to the same color to look all weird. The dark squares (purple and raspberry in either order) still look a little odd next to each other, but there was no way to prevent that. It doesn’t look too bad in person, I swear.

Especially when the blanket grows:

IMG_20141011_222707 (1)

Ignore the feet. It’s surprisingly hard to take pictures of an afghan laid out on the floor!

This is 17 squares joined together, and I believe in the meantime I’ve added 3 more. And last night, I put another 2 on blocking mats, so I’m nearing the end!!!!

I know I don’t take enough pictures of the process…I’m trying to handle all this social media shit. I mostly put my pictures on Instagram, so if you want to see more progress pictures of all my projects, feel free to follow “crochetabby” on there. It’ll be like 90% crochet, and then 10% miscellaneous stuff because I sometimes feel like it, ok? Everyone Instagrams their snacks once in a while 🙂

Anyway, just wanted to share how happy I am with this blanket. I am not regretting it one bit, and I’m overjoyed at how it’s turning out. Selling it is going to be hard, but I need the money…for more yarn. So I’ll forge onward and eventually it’ll be in a new home for someone to enjoy it!

Stained Glass

4 squares done out of 30!


Yeah, I know it looks weird with the two pink-heavy squares next to each other. I’m playing with the order. And of course I know the one on the far right is un-blocked. It’s blocking right now. So shut up 🙂

This is going to be a decently-sized afghan! I don’t have a ruler, but I’m measuring them with my blocking mats so they’re at least the same size.

And I’m keeping my goal so far of one square a night!

Another afghan square completed!

Allow me to introduce you to Square E:


It’s a free pattern called the “Butterfly Garden Square”:

I slightly altered it, just because the pattern called for a final round of DC around the edges, but the square was already the approximate size of the rest of my completed ones, so…it was done for me.

I really like it! I can definitely see the “butterfly” shape made by chain spaces and treble crochets…I’m really happy that I used the “blue mint” Simply Soft for this one, too. The bright color just makes it all pop.

This is definitely my most open square so far. But since my tentative plan is 5 or 6 squares in each row, and maybe 6-8 rows…I have no idea what the majority will end up being. Thicker textured squares, open detailed squares, or something I haven’t even discovered yet! Who knows?

My favorite afghan block so far!

I have finished my fourth block, Square D. It also has the honor of being the first square done in a solid color yarn. 

And it’s super cool! Just look at it:



It looks like a Lego!

Plus, my skepticism was for nothing. This color looks great with my multicolored yarn:



I took the pattern from Red Heart’s “Triple Texture Throw”, although I had to alter it quite a bit to make it fit my other squares. They wanted fewer bumps, essentially, because their intended square is more of a rectangle. But with some simple math, I turned a 27-stitch rectangle into a 34-stitch square!

I’m feeling better and better about this project the further I get into it. And that’s saying a lot for me. Usually by the time I get a few pieces into something like this, I’ve decided the whole thing is a failure. But I’m getting more and more excited to find new patterns!

Help me find new afghan squares! I only have two more patterns bookmarked to do…I need like a billion more!

3 squares done!

This post won’t be as long and rambling as yesterday, I promise.

I finished my third square! For the purpose of less confusion, I’m going to call it Square C:


For one thing, look at how the lime green lines up in a squiggly little pattern! Plus, it looks sweet close-up:


That was all I really had to say for now. I’m starting my first solid-colored square, and hopefully the one with the coolest texture so far! I’ll hopefully finish it today and be back!