I wanted to make an owl hat, so I did!

Sorry I haven’t been on in a while. There’s not much to share when I’m just working on hat and scarf orders. But I finally started a baby blanket for my cousin (intentionally, instead of the few “I have scraps and will totally remember what they are and buy more” attempts), and I made a hat today that I’m super proud of.

First of all, the blanket:


The yarn! It’s my go-to of Hobby Lobby I Love This Cotton. I figured it’d be sturdy and soft for a baby blanket, plus it comes in pretty colors. And no fuzz to get in the little guy’s mouth, either (they’ve announced it’s a boy, which was my guess from the start!)

20150129_174213 (1)

I chose Felted Button’s “Granny Stripe Squared” pattern, which I adore. The designer AND pattern, I mean 🙂

When I first bought the yarn, I didn’t have quite enough cash for all of it, so I did several of the inner square “stripe” parts first:

20150131_092740 (1)

My best guess was that this would be 6 by 6, because this was 6 squares lined up. Not quite big enough, but the edging would certainly add some size!

20150131_190318 (1)

The first finished square!

Plus, the edging adds a LOT of size. So instead of 36 squares, I’m pretty sure this will be plenty big with just 25 squares, 5 by 5. I’ll take a picture when I have 9 done so I can show the height/width I think will work.

I’ve been doing a square between each order–they don’t take long, and it breaks up the monotony of hats and scarves.

This morning, however, I didn’t want to do another square for my “break”. I looked on Ravelry and the top pattern in my search caught my eye immediately: an owl hat!


The finished body of the hat. Looks pretty boring at this point…


Hey, look, eyes! He looks kinda crazy, but definitely more owl-like.


I wanted to stick with a cyclops owl, but thought better of it…


Two eyes looks better. Don’t ask why this picture looks blurry, I have no clue.


There’s the owl! The beak really makes this great.


The braids, pre-braided. This was hard to braid, trust me. So many strands!

20150202_134030 20150202_134040

But it was worth it! He has nice long earflap braids, and he looks SO CUTE.

I loved this whole thing, beginning to end.


Hats and hats and hats…and a scarf

So a few days ago, I got a very belated Christmas present in the mail!

My best friend from high school sent me this:


She said, and I quote, “I don’t know if these are for knitting or crocheting or what, but I hope you like them and can use them for something”.

I love her, and I’m happy that she tries to understand 🙂

I don’t know what I’m going to do with the Thick & Quick, because from what I remember a single ball is like maybe enough for a hat. But I’m making Moogly’s “Artfully Simple Infinity Scarf” with the Unforgettable! I’ve made it once before with some sock yarn, so I’m hoping it’ll turn out even better with the actual intended yarn! Haven’t really started on it yet, because of course more and more hats are ordered every day…

20150117_130100 20150121_115959 20150121_120120

I really like that silver headband. I’m holding it in the picture because I didn’t have a button at the time but my MIL (the recipient) wanted a picture. And the scarf was super fun!

I’ve actually tried that same scarf pattern before, with what I’ve titled my “Fruity Pebbles” scarf…


I still love it, but it’s still “in progress” and sitting in a box. For some reason with that thin baby-blanket yarn, it takes SO much longer. Also I wasn’t getting paid for that one, so that’s probably a factor too.

Anyway, I should get back to it. My aunt ordered two identical hats in black, and crocheting is always a challenge in black because it’s so hard to see the damn stitches!

See you later!

I got a new toy!

A styrofoam head!


Ok, so you’re probably not as excited as I am about this. But I don’t care.

This thing is AWESOME. Look at how I had to photograph hats before, back in the dark ages of my life (a few days ago):


Weird, right? It’s a hat that looks great on an actual head, but on a table it’s all bulgy and wants to curve and be a hat, not a flat object.

Here’s the same type of hat, on my new “model”:



Or I may be exaggerating, but I don’t care.

I am going crazy with how happy I am with this thing, and it was only 5 bucks on Amazon!

I bought it because 1) I have a larger-than-average head so I’m not the best size for testing hats, and 2) even though I’m hygienic and clean, some people might prefer their hat/headband not be worn by anyone before they buy it, and that’s perfectly fair.

Now I have a tester/model/size example! She’s not perfect, since the average woman has hair…so the hats all look just a little big on her, but it works!

Now I need a male one, and a kid one although they don’t seem to make those, and a baby one, and…I don’t even know. But I’m excited and proud that this was such a well-spent 5 bucks.

That’s all I had for today. I’m gonna go back to working on a tote bag because I’m out of hat yarn and it’s Sunday so Hobby Lobby is closed. Bye!

And it grows…

I have 9 orders to be made, I’ve already finished 3!

The same woman who ordered the red hat I shared earlier liked it so much that she ordered a headband as well!


She also told me that her daughters might want one too, so I may have two more to make in a few days…

And a red hat for another buyer:


Pattern credit goes to Vallieskids blog, this is the “Olivia’s Butterfly” pattern with some modifications to make it adult-sized.

This hat does not photograph well for whatever reason, but it looks great on an actual head, I swear!

Time to go make a green version of the same thing, it’s the most popular request by far for some reason. I don’t mind, because this pattern works up VERY quickly.

I may be back!

It’s taking off!

My mother-in-law loves to share pictures of my finished projects on Facebook.

Today was definitely a great day for it…

Since this morning, I’ve received 5 orders, and finished one already!

I know this will soon feel overwhelming, but money is money and I’m very proud and happy and excited.


Here’s the first hat! My second commission ever!

Half done with the baby blanket!

This is why I do baby blankets. They work up so quickly!

And this Wavy one is one of the fastest I’ve ever done. I remember that from the first time around. I started this yesterday, about this time.

And now look!


This is 8 squares in 😀

I think I’m going to use a different blue for the remaining 8 because I have a light blue of the same yarn and I feel like it would look cool. I’m gonna go start on that.

See you later!

Rainbow square 2 and another project!

It’s not very unique, so I’ll just show you–I finished the second square of the rainbow C2C blanket!


Look at ’em!

They look a bit weird right now but I might try blocking to see if they get nice and flat…although I’ve heard it might not do much with C2C. But I feel like they’ll look better once they’re joined in a blanket and bordered and everything.

Oh, and to use all my Vanna’s choice that I bought for the rug that never happened…I found a baby blanket pattern that I did once a long time ago and loved!

Moogly’s “Wavy Baby Blanket”, it’s really fun.


I think I’ll do half the squares with this tan/medium blue, and then the other half tan/light blue. And probably green or purple for the outline/joining color. This pattern works up very quickly and looks so cool!

Anyway, nothing of much importance to say today. I’m gonna go back to working on this baby blanket. See you later!