Does this make me a dork?

I have always wanted a tattoo with a spiral. Well, at least for the past 3-4 years of my life, which is long enough to know I’m serious about it. But I never felt the motivation to actually go get it done. Also I’m terrified of tattoos.

But a couple weeks ago, it came to my mind that I should get a yarn/crochet tattoo in some way. And my mother-in-law had the best idea–why not combine my two ideas?


Obviously this is just my quick scribble of my idea, but OMG I love it. I’ve since drawn it better, but that paper is like all the way across the house and this image is already saved on my computer, so…this is what you get.

It shows crochet, and my love of spirals, all in one! I’m thinking turquoise for the yarn, and the hook either purple or black with the metal part being silver like the real thing (my Clover Amour set). I don’t know if I want purple because then it’s the “G” hook, or black to kind of represent all of them. But anyway…


Is it weird? Stupid? Awesome?


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