I wanted to make an owl hat, so I did!

Sorry I haven’t been on in a while. There’s not much to share when I’m just working on hat and scarf orders. But I finally started a baby blanket for my cousin (intentionally, instead of the few “I have scraps and will totally remember what they are and buy more” attempts), and I made a hat today that I’m super proud of.

First of all, the blanket:


The yarn! It’s my go-to of Hobby Lobby I Love This Cotton. I figured it’d be sturdy and soft for a baby blanket, plus it comes in pretty colors. And no fuzz to get in the little guy’s mouth, either (they’ve announced it’s a boy, which was my guess from the start!)

20150129_174213 (1)

I chose Felted Button’s “Granny Stripe Squared” pattern, which I adore. The designer AND pattern, I mean 🙂

When I first bought the yarn, I didn’t have quite enough cash for all of it, so I did several of the inner square “stripe” parts first:

20150131_092740 (1)

My best guess was that this would be 6 by 6, because this was 6 squares lined up. Not quite big enough, but the edging would certainly add some size!

20150131_190318 (1)

The first finished square!

Plus, the edging adds a LOT of size. So instead of 36 squares, I’m pretty sure this will be plenty big with just 25 squares, 5 by 5. I’ll take a picture when I have 9 done so I can show the height/width I think will work.

I’ve been doing a square between each order–they don’t take long, and it breaks up the monotony of hats and scarves.

This morning, however, I didn’t want to do another square for my “break”. I looked on Ravelry and the top pattern in my search caught my eye immediately: an owl hat!


The finished body of the hat. Looks pretty boring at this point…


Hey, look, eyes! He looks kinda crazy, but definitely more owl-like.


I wanted to stick with a cyclops owl, but thought better of it…


Two eyes looks better. Don’t ask why this picture looks blurry, I have no clue.


There’s the owl! The beak really makes this great.


The braids, pre-braided. This was hard to braid, trust me. So many strands!

20150202_134030 20150202_134040

But it was worth it! He has nice long earflap braids, and he looks SO CUTE.

I loved this whole thing, beginning to end.


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