I got a new toy!

A styrofoam head!


Ok, so you’re probably not as excited as I am about this. But I don’t care.

This thing is AWESOME. Look at how I had to photograph hats before, back in the dark ages of my life (a few days ago):


Weird, right? It’s a hat that looks great on an actual head, but on a table it’s all bulgy and wants to curve and be a hat, not a flat object.

Here’s the same type of hat, on my new “model”:



Or I may be exaggerating, but I don’t care.

I am going crazy with how happy I am with this thing, and it was only 5 bucks on Amazon!

I bought it because 1) I have a larger-than-average head so I’m not the best size for testing hats, and 2) even though I’m hygienic and clean, some people might prefer their hat/headband not be worn by anyone before they buy it, and that’s perfectly fair.

Now I have a tester/model/size example! She’s not perfect, since the average woman has hair…so the hats all look just a little big on her, but it works!

Now I need a male one, and a kid one although they don’t seem to make those, and a baby one, and…I don’t even know. But I’m excited and proud that this was such a well-spent 5 bucks.

That’s all I had for today. I’m gonna go back to working on a tote bag because I’m out of hat yarn and it’s Sunday so Hobby Lobby is closed. Bye!


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