The Rainbow Blanket

Might as well keep the name simple.

But I’m super excited because this is the first crochet thing I’ve come up with on my own. Not a pattern, not seeing someone else’s thing and trying to make it myself, this is entirely my own idea.

I should shut up and just show you instead of telling you over and over.

Just look at the plan:

Rainbow Blanket Plan

Excuse my MS Paint skills, although I think the idea comes off alright.

Each “corner” of 4 squares is going to be one colorway of Ice Yarn. I bought 4 balls of two different colorways for this plan, and will be buying the other two when budget allows.

I love it because there’s 16 squares, but each group of 4 makes its own little picture, and then the center 4 squares, even though they’ll be different colorways, should also make a neat little square of their own.

The stripes in between are probably going to be black. I wanted a border in between so the rainbow doesn’t get messy/overwhelming.

I’m aiming for 12″ squares, which should make this a roughly 6′ x 6′ blanket. Perfect for snuggling on the couch!

I think this is my first pattern! Eek! Unless there’s already one like this, but I couldn’t find it on Ravelry.

Tell me what you think! Is it a dumb idea? Is it the coolest thing ever? (Ok, just be honest but polite!)


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