It is finished.

The chevron blanket is done.


(Special thanks to my mother-in-law who graciously offered to hold it for me to take a picture, as there was not enough floor space to lay it out flat.)

I love it so much. It’s already with its new owner, she was too excited to wait and had me meet up with her right away to hand it over!

20150103_153236 20150103_153242

It’s so squishy all folded up, and it’s warm and comfy and I miss it so much.

I was excited to move on to my rug, but once I started it I realized I hate the pattern with my yarn. So I’m putting the Vanna’s Choice aside for a bit and playing with my Ice Yarn, the Dancing Baby colorways. Such a weird name, but if the yarn is pretty I don’t care. And it is. I’ve probably shown you before, but…

So much color I could die...

So much color I could die…

So I’m doing corner-to-corner squares, a few of each colorway, and it’ll be a giant rainbow blanket of beauty. I love it already and I haven’t even started yet.


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