I need help on color choice!

I want to make a rug. I wanted to make one for our house because hard floors, but my MIL pointed out that the reason they don’t have one is because the cats like to expel various bodily fluids on stuff, so…no rugs. Linoleum is much easier to clean than a rug.

So anyway, I’m probably going to be selling this or giving it to someone. So my own color choices might not be the best idea. I like weird combinations, and that might make it harder to sell.

Here’s the pattern’s example pic:

Wave Rug

If you recognize that, you have no life. But it’s a Red Heart pattern called “Textured Waves Rug”. It’s double-strand worsted with an M hook, according to Ravelry comments it works up pretty fast and is nice and squishy. So it seemed perfect.

Anyway, I don’t like their color combo. I want one that a lot of people will enjoy, so it will sell better/whoever I give it to will like it. It seems I need…

* An outline color (the dark purple/blue-ish in the example)

* A “main” color (their pink/red)

* Two “contrast” colors (their blue and green)

My MIL had the idea of maybe a beach sort of scheme, with a sand-ish tan being the outline color and then a few shades of blue.

I don’t mind her idea, but I want more ideas! Not super weird and clashy, because while that’s what I would choose for myself, I want this to be more appealing to the general population to buy for their home.

Thanks for any ideas you can give me!


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