I’m on here for good now!

Working retail in the Christmas season really doesn’t allow me much (any) time to go to Starbucks/the library just to blog for a bit. It hasn’t really been worth it.

But as of a couple hours ago, we now have wi-fi in our house. I didn’t realize how much I missed it until having it again just feels so…awesome.

Anyway, the only thing I’m working on right now is my commission blanket.20141220_130025

I’m not going to bore you with all the progress pics. Just that it’s my old favorite “I Love This Yarn”, and the woman requested khaki, dark pink, light pink, and a thin stripe of purple. I think it’s the color scheme of her daughter’s room, and I really like it!

She never said the date she wanted it, so I’m hoping she didn’t mean to give it to her for Christmas…tomorrow. I think it is a Christmas gift, but hopefully she can just tell her tomorrow “you’re having a custom blanket made” and show her the pictures. I don’t feel too bad, because she first contacted me barely 2 weeks ago. And didn’t tell me the color scheme/style/bed size until a few days after that. So she can’t really be mad that I didn’t complete an entire twin blanket in 10 days…but I am working on it as fast as I can. I’ve finished 3 full color repeats by this time (the pic is from a day or two ago), and by my measurements I’ll need 6 color repeats.

So I should probably get off of here and get to work on that before I go to work in 30 minutes. One more short shift before a day off for Christmas!

Oh, and in case I didn’t share before, here’s the completed pics of the two items I crocheted for Christmas presents:


Batman blanket for the brother, and…


A rug for my mom! The picture’s at a weird angle, it looks prettier than that. And the colors are brighter, and it’s so soft and comfy and squishy and I want to make another for myself.

Ok, now I’m really going to work on that commission for serious. Enjoy all of your holiday celebrations or lack thereof! Just have an awesome time, whatever that means to you! 😀


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