Life makes no sense sometimes…

Ok, so I’m getting close to finishing the Ruffled Ribbons bath rug! The back mat piece is completely finished, and I have 7 ribbons done. One half done and two more left!

Plus, I found the missing yarn! Because life is weird, I simply checked in my yarn tub one more time, and there it was. I’ve looked there like 10 times but I swear it wasn’t there before. There’s always a chance I’m not insane and someone else in the house just found the ball wherever it was hiding, and threw it in my yarn tub. That’s the theory I’m sticking with to preserve my sanity.

Anyway, now I have all the yarn accounted for, right?

No, of course not.

Here’s my finished (and one in progress) ribbons:


Notice something? The pale blue is freaking missing. The one in progress (between the light blue and the purple-blue) is the medium blue that was missing. I like saying “blue” apparently.

I don’t even understand how this happened! Just a couple days ago, I took a picture of my finished ribbons, and the pale blue was right there. I put them all back into my tub. Somehow, it didn’t stay there.

Apparently I have the Bermuda Triangle of yarn storage tubs.

That is all.


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