So we’re dogsitting for the next week. It’s awesome.

Why is it awesome?

1. They have wi-fi, which I haven’t had in months.

2. The beds here are WAY comfier than ours.

3. There’s a pool.

4. Since when I’m off work all I have to do is let the dogs out to walk sometimes, there is SO MUCH TIME TO CROCHET.

That’s why I’m in heaven for the next several days. I’m making a lot of progress on the Ruffled Ribbons mat! The goal is to send it to my mom for Christmas in the package for my family, so the unofficial deadline for this project is “as soon as freaking possible” because I’m sure a Christmas package won’t get there in just a couple days.

I’m on row 43 out of 52 on the back mat piece, and I’d show a picture but it’d look pretty boring because it’s just a gray square. I think I have 4 1/2 ribbons done, too, so I’m roughly halfway finished with the whole thing!


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