Yay Thanksgiving!

My husband has actually had days off this week, which is a phrase he barely remembered the meaning of since he started his second job. So I haven’t been crocheting too much because I’ve been able to actually spend time with him and run errands and stuff.

But we went to the local yarn store earlier this week! I had a few projects to bring in for consignment, they still had the payment to give me from my first sale there, and I really wanted to stop by because they had increased their stock (it’s a new store, like only a couple months old, and barely taking off). While I was there, I drooled over pretty much everything they had, and fell in love with these awesome baskets (…which I want for Christmas if any family is reading this…you know what store I’m talking about, there’s only one in this town. And I love all the baskets, there’s no wrong choice.)

Anyway, they had lots of yarn. I took a long time to browse, considering they don’t really have much of a selection there yet, and kept looking at the Heartland. I’d only used it once before, the brown for my baby Groot a couple months ago. It was soft and I liked it, so I knew it was a decent yarn. And I am in love with jewel tones, which is a lot of Heartland’s colors. So I figured I might as well grab a few balls of it and use them with the 3/4 ball of brown I still had.


Freaking gorgeous, right? I had to wind it first because I loathe working with non-center-pull balls.

I struggled for hours to pick a pattern, and eventually chose a shell baby blanket. I’ll probably bring it in for consignment when it’s done because there’s only one upcoming baby in my extended family and I have another blanket in progress for him/her.


Right away I was in love.

The pattern is the “Beachcomber Baby Blanket”, and I found it through Ravelry. I’d link it but from Ravelry I followed a few links to get to a free pattern PDF, so I’m not sure what part I would link to avoid getting in trouble with the creator. Just search it on there, I think it’s pretty popular so it shouldn’t be hard to find.


The colors work together, too! I think after this picture I decided I didn’t like purple and brown next to each other and changed the order.

I didn’t want a “striped” look to it (same color order throughout), so I’m kind of doing it with a “random” order. Essentially, as I finish each row I look for what color I haven’t done in a while or haven’t done next to the color I just finished recently, then I join in that one and go.

I think it’s working:


I, for one, love it. It’s not really a traditional baby color scheme, but I think it’s still pretty. If I named my projects I would call this one something to do with jewels/precious rocks in the dirt. That’s all I can see when I look at it, and is also exactly what I intended with my color choices.

That’s about all I have to say for now, this is really all I’ve worked on lately. Thanksgiving prep with family staying with us, then the actual celebration, then I had to work that evening/overnight, and then of COURSE I had to shop today…got great deals though! I know you don’t really care, but…

About $100 for a pair of jeans, a cami, 5 Blu-Ray/DVD combos, a jean jacket (denim jacket, can’t remember if jean jacket is the normal name), pair of sneakers, ornament for my mom, and some chocolates for my husband because we never find them and found his favorite brand. I consider that a huge success.

Anyway, have a great post-Thanksgiving weekend! I hope you’re crocheting a lot while you recover from feasting/shopping and hide from all the family in your home!


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