We never come to Starbucks anymore…I need wifi at home again.

So I have updates on like everything.

First of all, the bulldog blanket for my grandfather-in-law. I’m hoping to have it done by Christmas, but since my brother’s birthday has already passed and the Batman blanket was supposed to be his present, it’s been taking priority. But anyway, here’s the bulldog:


I didn’t want to put all the pictures of him on here because it looks pretty boring in order: “here’s the bottom lines of some paws…here you can kind of see the 4th paw…here’s a few more rows to fill out some toes…”

Isn’t it cool? I’ve done more since then but couldn’t find the picture…he has half a tongue now, and I’m actually onto his cheeks and soon I’ll get to the collar! I’m making good progress, until I basically stopped for Batman.

So I should update on him. I don’t remember where I last was when I showed you, so I’ll just share the most recent pic of him:


Totally freaking sweet, right? I am in love. And I really hope my little bro likes it. It’s unofficially for his 20th birthday (because that passed 2 weeks ago), so I think he’s at the right age where he’ll appreciate a practical gift like a blanket, but also be excited that it’s BATMAN!

Ooh, and I’m almost done with it, too! I’m a bit further than that picture, but just look at THIS…


To keep track of my stitches and rows, I copied/pasted the instructions for Batman into a word document. The 125 rows took up like 3-4 pages. I’ve been deleting each chunk of stitches and then each row as I complete it. It’s worked really well!

And I believe this was yesterday, I deleted a row and realized that at the bottom of my screen…I think you can read it there…it says FINISH OFF. I’m close enough to the end that the remaining rows can fit on ONE screen! I’m on row 106 now, so just 20 to go and Batman is DONE!!!!!

Aside from that, because I love torturing myself with projects, I have been making a rug. I really wanted to work with cotton because I hadn’t worked with “nice” cotton yet. Just crappy, scratchy Peaches & Cream. It makes a sturdy-ass dishcloth but sucks to work with.

So a week ago, when I was given a yarn budget again, I went to Hobby Lobby and bought 14 balls of “I Love This Cotton”…

20141116_103904 (1)

4 gray because I found it pretty, and then I was looking for 10 colors in some sort of pretty transition. I liked blue/purple, and then I found green and it ended up being exactly 10 with all the shades, so I was in love. I wanted to do the “Ruffled Ribbons Rug” from my good old obsession Felted Button. I love that woman. I couldn’t remember how many colors I needed but I guessed 10, and ended up being exactly right.


The back is done in one piece, and this gray ended up being perfect. It’s just gorgeous…I want to touch it every time I see it. Like I’ll be working on something else and just HAVE to touch the gray rug mat thing. It’s half done now. The way this pattern works is the mat piece and then the 10 “ribbons” are all different pieces. I knew I’d be so bored if I did the whole mat and then 10 whole ribbons, so I divided it up and I do a ribbon every several rows of the mat.

So I’m halfway through the mat and have 4 of the ribbons done out of 10 (I’m working on the 5th)…it’s a fairly quick project. But again, Batman is taking precedence until I get the damn thing done. And my ribbon pictures failed to upload 😦 I’m not going through all that work again getting it from my phone to Dropbox to my computer to here…they’re not that cool-looking individually anyway.

Um…I think that’s everything. I’m using the leftover cotton from the bath mat to make a baby blanket because we just learned my cousin is pregnant! It’s the first kid in my family in about 5 years so I’m super excited. I haven’t had an excuse to make any baby stuff and it feels weird to do with no baby to give it to. But now I have one!

I hope to be back soon but make no promises. Batman needs me!


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