Today will be better!

Alright, , so yesterday, work prevented me from coming on here at all. Or picking up my crochet hook. Or pretty much anything I had planned. 

They called me in an hour and a half early, and then kept me an hour late. Total bullshit, especially when I still only got the one short lunch from my original shift time. But whatever, it’s over.

I had planned to come on here and catch up when I got home, but we ended up just knocking out. So I’m pretty sure I’m out of the contest that inspired this habit, but I’m going to do a belated Happiness Journal for yesterday anyway. I don’t want to lose the motivation by skipping a day. I’ll do today’s this evening, as well as a crochet update finally because I’ll be at a coffee shop on my laptop again. 


  • Thanks, husband, for picking me up after work last night even though you should have gone to bed an hour before.
  • Thanks, husband and mother-in-law, for cooking the dinner that I was supposed to cook, and making it very delicious.
  • I’m grateful for a very adorable girl (probably 8ish) who came through my lane last night and saw my crocheted cuff bracelet, then told me all about how she loves to knit but wants to crochet as well someday. 
  • Thanks, high school best friend, for a random text yesterday that made me smile.
  • I’m grateful that I got those extra hours yesterday because that’ll really help in my next paycheck. 

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