The “Berry Blanket”…maybe?

That’s what my husband has nicknamed this ripple blanket. I can kind of see it, the purples and the blue can sort of be berries. I don’t know what kind of dark gray berries he’s eating, but that’s alright. I’ll refer to it by that name for now…unless you can suggest something better? Feel free to comment a name idea on this post if you can think of something! (remembering, as always, that the true colors are darker than these pictures show)

Alright, so it’s time I make a “real” post about this blanket. I finally found a way to get my pictures uploaded. Dropbox works on this phone, so it saved my sanity. I’ll basically start from the beginning and pretend I’ve never mentioned it, because it’ll make a lot more sense if I compile it into one post.

About a week ago, or something like that, I was given $20 by my MIL. She insisted that it was “fun money”. I had been a good little crochet-freak and was making amigurumi with all my scrap and stash yarns. I literally had it down to only the yarns that were already part of a WIP, and a few that I just can’t find a use for no matter what. So I knew what I had to do with this money.


Red Heart Super Saver, my best friend in cheap projects. It’s pretty soft for RHSS, too. Must just be the “jumbo” skeins that get scratchy. I just picked awesome colors that I liked. I wanted gray, and then I figured purple would look nice with it. Oh, and some blue to tie them together! And then a brighter purple! I originally picked up a hot pink, which I still wish I had kept. But whatever, I needed to save money at the time.

Obviously I bought them all fresh and new, I just forgot to take a picture until I was several rows in. I don’t remember the names besides Charcoal (gray), but these are pretty true colors. Just slightly darker all around, except the lavender is lighter in reality. Hmm. Odd.


I messed around for a while trying to decide the color pattern. I considered thicker stripes, varying thicknesses, and then it was just the order. The straight stripes on this paper are obviously still supposed to be ripples, I never wanted straight lines. I just realized I didn’t need to draw ripples.

And then I found my answer…



Gray-blue-lavender-purple just felt right. It was sort of cool to warm. And then rather than a repeating pattern (A-B-C-D-A-B-C-D), I wanted flowing back and forth (A-B-C-D-C-B-A). It seemed the best and I really liked it in marker, so it had to be cool in yarn, too!


You’ve already seen this, but it still fits in my tale, so deal with it. 

I was in love from the first two colors. The gray and blue looked gorgeous together!


And my first full color repeat just sealed the deal. The ripples are pretty, the colors look wonderful together…I didn’t regret a single moment of this blanket beginning. Usually at this point I struggle with “I really don’t like this one color or the order I chose, do I frog or hope it gets better?”, but I didn’t even have an inkling of that. I was sharing this all over Facebook because I was so proud.


And I still enjoyed it when I continued! That was the scary part, doing that second lavender row, because there still would have been a chance to undo it and go with a flat repeat of gray-blue-lavender-purple-gray-blue-etc. But I didn’t want to do that, of course, because a full color stripe takes a while. I loved it, though!

So what about a full pattern repeat? (Gray to purple and then back to gray)


Yep, love it even more. Ok, this blanket is officially a success.

Here’s where I was as of two nights ago (haven’t had time to work on it since):



It’s a very interesting color scheme. In true color, it’s quite a bit darker and therefore has a very “manly” feel to it. But my husband of course doesn’t mind that, and I love purple. And I chose the yarns in the first place so I love them no matter what.

I’m just so proud!

Oh, and in my stash busting, I made another project!

It’s a trivet out of some cotton yarn that I got in an exchange. It wasn’t enough to make anything big (3 smaller balls), but I had to use it somehow…


Boom! It was a book pattern that I already returned to the library, so I’ll say this was not my original design, but I don’t remember who to credit. It’s supposed to be 2 colors, but I had 3. And the weird half-and-half in the middle is because I had used some of the teal in another project and ran out right on the last flower. So I improvised. Yes, it’s not straight, and I know that. But it’s a freaking trivet, so that’s not really an issue. 

Wow, this was a long post. Can you tell I haven’t been on my computer in a while? I missed wi-fi. We’re going to be at the coffee shop for a long time.


5 thoughts on “The “Berry Blanket”…maybe?

  1. I love your color choices. And your blanket looks so pretty. I like how the ripples look. I just started mine a few days ago but was having a little trouble. Now I think I got it. I hope to share a posting on my blog once I’ve made some progress. Happy crocheting!

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