I needed a simple blanket again

So I’m getting tired of Batman. It’s fun, and I pushed through it for a while, but now that I’m at about 50 rows, I’m hitting a brick wall. I needed something simple and mindless that I can work on as I watch all the Simpsons episodes that I DVR-ed from the marathon! (I wasn’t dumb enough to record them all….just the 100 or so that I found vital to my life)

And I had $20 of spending money, thanks to my wonderful mother-in-law! After a brief letdown when I went to Hobby Lobby and then remembered it was Sunday, I headed off to Walmart’s yarn aisle for some yarn therapy in making a project for ME.

I forgot to take a picture of the yarn, but I picked out 4 colors of Red Heart Super Saver–a charcoal gray, a medium/darkish blue, lavender, and a brighter purple. I loved how they went together. I also first grabbed a hot pink one because I loved how it went together, but then I realized I should make MIL something for essentially buying me this yarn, so I grabbed a ball of some kind of brown Lion Brand with some lighter speckles of brown in it. I’m making her a Baby Groot amigurumi because she’s obsessed with the character! Also forgot to grab a pic of that…I’m on the ball today.

I struggled for a while in picking the right pattern for this blanket. Chevrons seemed too harsh, but I didn’t want just stripes, and I couldn’t find the right ripple.

Until I waded through the Ravelry search one last time, and I discovered the “Neat Ripple” blanket from Attic24’s site.  It was perfect. I adore the 2 increases and decreases on each peak/valley, it gives it a cute little squiggle shape.

Then I had to pick my color order, another struggle. And not just because it took forever to find my markers to test on some paper. But I finally settled on gray-blue-lavender-purple, because it’s sort of flowing from cool to warm. Sort of. I don’t know, I just like it. And I’m doing 2 rows of each color at a time, so it’ll be a fairly busy blanket with a lot of stripes. I considered some thicker stripes, but I’m going for simple and mindless here.

I only got one picture,but it’s so pretty!


And sideways, but just tilt your head. I am horrible at this stuff. It just took me about 10 minutes to get the damn thing off my phone and onto this page, so deal with it.

This is a full gray stripe and a full blue stripe! Next I’m doing the lavender, but I started it last night so this is the extent of my progress. My husband is doing a few lessons tonight, so I’ll have a couple hours of alone time to work on this some more (with more Simpsons!), and hopefully I’ll get through a full color chunk so I can see the 4 in order.

Squee! I love it already.


2 thoughts on “I needed a simple blanket again

  1. So pretty. I just purchased some really pretty yarn today. My plan is to learn the ripple pattern and crochet a blanket. I posted a picture of the yarn colors on my instagram feed if you want to check them out. Hope you post updates on your progress. 🙂 happy crocheting.

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