A Happiness Journal

This is a slightly different style than most of my posts, but it’ll also make more sense than my normal ramblings, so it evens out.

I am participating in something called a “Happiness Journal” for this month. The goal is to come on here every night and list 5 things that I am grateful for/happy about that day. It may sometimes be in the afternoon if that’s when I was able to come to the coffee shop for wi-fi, but I’m pretty sure it still counts.

Since I struggle with depression and anxiety, I’m really excited to try this to see if it actually helps me get a better view of life. That’s why I’m going to start right now, with an early assessment of the first day of the month!

September 1st:

  • Thank you, my husband, for buying us a frappucino to share at Starbucks while we hang out and use wi-fi.
  • I am grateful to my MIL for offering to take us out to dinner tonight. Technically it hasn’t happened yet, but we have it planned so I’m counting it.
  • I am super grateful to the website “Attic24” for having the perfect pattern for the blanket I want to work on. I don’t know the actual person to thank for that one, but they created the exact pattern I needed and I am loving it.
  • Thank you, my mother-in-law, for buying us Amazing Spiderman 2 on Blu-Ray!
  • I am grateful that students want to get lessons from my husband, which earns us money and helps him feel good about himself because he loves teaching (he has 2 today, that’s why I’m deciding it counts for today specifically).

That’s hard! Not because I don’t have things to be happy about, but because it’s tough to pick things that were specifically today. But I’m betting it’ll get easier each day. As long as I can remember to do it!


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