I haven’t been able to make a post in a really long time. It’s not that I haven’t wanted to, it’s that we have no wi-fi at my mother-in-law’s house. We can use our phone data connection, but it’s just shitty. Oh and a couple more excuses–I started a new job a couple days ago, and also I dropped my phone in the toilet. All of this is true, sadly, and not a fake excuse.


I still can’t upload pictures because of the aforementioned phone debacle. It turned back on after 24 hours of being in rice, but it has no signal, therefore I can’t make it do stuff like upload pictures.

But, um…I’m working on the Batman blanket still! I’m a third of the way done with that, so that’s cool. And I officially hit 100 motifs/flowers/things for the Unforgettable yarn Painted Pixels blanket. That was super cool. I’m out of yarn for that one now, though. And I need to wait until my first paycheck to get any again. That one’s on hold for now.

Yeah. This is kind of awkward without pictures. I mostly didn’t want to get caught up in “I’ll make a post again someday” and let this blog die. Hopefully I’ll someday have wi-fi at home again, but for now I need to save up my pathetic paychecks to eventually move into our own place again. Then we’ll look into it. But anyway, I’m not dead, I haven’t forgotten about this blog, and I’m still crocheting nearly every day. I just can’t annoy you with the details as much as I want to 🙂


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