The bestest project ever.

I already have an addiction to Felted Button and her patterns. This is not a secret in the slightest.

So I broke down yesterday and bought another one. The Painted Pixel blanket. I LOVE the idea. Colorful, no one motif is like any other, and there’s no specific way to arrange them. It’s like it was made for me.

Plus, my broke ass can buy one or two balls of yarn at a time. This project works very well with gradual purchases–make as many motifs as you can with one ball, then move on. Theoretically, it could be all of the same colorway. Or all different. Or literally anything.

Yes, I’m rambling and raving. I love it that much.

And I’m a mere 4 motifs in…

I wanted to buy a bunch of yarn yesterday. My budget allowed for about 4-5 balls of Red Heart Unforgettable, which is the intended yarn. That would have made a big dent in the needed amount for this project (I’m making it full afghan size). But I forgot that stupid Hobby Lobby only sells their brand anymore 😦 And that’s our local store, so that was my only option.

So I ordered 3 balls of Unforgettable from Amazon, and found an old half-ball from my stash so I could do something for now. It’s Dragonfly, not the most exciting colorway of the bunch, but a nice one.

Motif 1:


A humble start, but an inspiring one. This is quite easy! 2, 3 and 4 soon followed.




I promise I won’t take pictures of every single motif…or at least won’t post them. There will be hundreds.

But I wanted to show you how these 4 stitch-identical motifs are 4 completely different things. I am so happy right now.

I’m going to go make more!


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