Too many WIPs!

But honestly not my fault…

I keep trying to use up yarn, but not having enough to complete a full project. And with our current financial situation, we can’t just buy more, even a skein of Simply Soft.

So I have a lot of projects on hold right now, waiting for another skein or two or three. But I can’t just “stop crocheting”…that would be impossible!

So here’s my latest idea. One of those granny square blankets with the different sizes of squares. And guess my color scheme!

Ok, duh. Rainbow.

I don’t know the layout yet, but conceptually, I think I can do a few 12-round squares, a bunch of 6-round, and a ton of 3-round. To me, those should fit together.

So here’s Big:


Sweet, right? It’s all RHSS, except maybe the pink. I don’t remember. And I had no orange, but I like it anyway. The 6 colors of my sorta-rainbow, repeated once to make 12! (The blue is more blue than the pic, and the purple is not just a brighter blue. My camera hates me.)

There will be maybe like 6 of those, I don’t know how many medium ones, and then a buttload of small.

Here’s a few:


These are red-yellow-green, which will be half the small. The other half will be blue-purple-pink. I just haven’t started those yet.

Here’s a beginning idea for the layout:


The other small squares will be in the gaps, and I don’t know where the medium ones will be. But I think it’s pretty cool.


2 thoughts on “Too many WIPs!

  1. I have so many works in progress, too. But i cant complain about yarn. I find it at yard sales for super cheap. But then it is discontinued and I have to do scrap projects like this or tiny baby projects. I also think I need to frog some of my bigger works in progress and just start over!

    • I always check yard sales for yarn, but I’ve only been successful once. And it was two half-skeins of unknown yarn 😦 Doesn’t stop me from trying!

      I’ve gotten into a streak of making amigurumi to use up my crappier yarn, and it’s really fun! I made an octopus pincushion yesterday, and a bunny today…I have no life.

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