I’m way too proud of this thing.

Like stupid proud.


Got all the horizontal joins done…


And vertical as well…


Holy shit, I’ve made a thing.


And look what kind of thing it is!

I made me a purse!

I took the “Big Dots Bag” pattern from a website that seems to be called Chocolate Mints in a Jar…I printed out the pattern and can’t go back to the page right now to check the site name. But the pattern is copyrighted to a Yasmin Garmal, I can tell you that much. That should be enough credit.

I used the pattern as written, besides colors, for the main bag. The only real changes were my edging on the top squares and that I joined further up on the sides than called for, I think,

Anyway, this pattern is supposed to be for one or maybe two colors. That bored me. No, that’s a lie. It looked super adorable on the pattern site. But you know me, I love my colors.

So I turned it into a four color pattern: blue, yellow, blue-green, and blue-purple. And then green to join, so five colors in all. And I regret nothing.

For a project that took roughly two days, this was awesome. I’m proud of my changes, I’m glad it worked out with only a few issues, and I will proudly carry this bag around. Or sell it, I haven’t decided yet.


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