One down, and another one already started!

I finished my blue/green/purple baby blanket!


Isn’t it pretty? I really enjoy this pattern. The colors work well together, it’d work with a lot of color schemes for baby boys. Girls can totally use it too, but a lot of parents have their boy’s room and accessories and everything in shades of blue and green, so I’m hoping that’ll help it sell on Etsy.

I stuck to the original pattern for all the squares and joining, but then I added an edging just because I felt it was right.


It’s just a SC row all around of purple and then blue. I feel it ties all the colors together (since there was already kind of a row of green from the joining) and it definitely made the blocking easier to make it look more square.

It’s still not a perfect square…


But I kept trying to make it be that way and it refused. Hopefully whatever baby ends up with this thing won’t be too picky about straight lines!

Because today is my day off, finishing that blanket wasn’t enough. I still have blue/purple green left, so I checked my stash for some other solid colors, and I was able to find a rainbow of RHSS or similar. The orange is Simply Soft, but all together you can barely tell.

And while I’ve done plenty of granny squares in my year and a half of crocheting, I’ve never done a never-ending granny. You know, the kind where you just keep going and the whole blanket is one big granny square. Might as well try it!




I liked it from the start. But then I had to decide if I should repeat the same order (ROYGBPP-ROYGBPP) or do a back-and-forth (ROYGBPPPBGYOROYGBPP). I chose the back-and forth, which already looked cool right away in my opinion.



I’m not sure if it’s too meshy and open, though. I don’t know if a baby will like it (I know I don’t have enough yarn for an adult-size continuous granny). But I’ll see when I get there, I suppose.


2 thoughts on “One down, and another one already started!

  1. I love both blankets. The colors pop! That’s what I love about this generation of crocheters, we aren’t afraid of bright, loud colors.
    As for your continuous granny square being too meshy, I have made a ton of them. Some of my friend actually prefer the openness of them. And as far as for a baby, I just warn parents to watch for their little fingers and toes when they are really young and tell them if they are worried about the holes to not leave the baby unattended with it. Another trick you can do is to add a fabric back so that there is a solid piece of fabric between the holes and the baby.
    Hope this helps. Great work.

    • Ooh, good point on the fabric backing! I’ll probably end up doing that.

      It means a lot to know that my color choices look good to others. I love loud obnoxious color combos in my own decor and fashion, so I never know if it’s too far in my crocheting.

      Thanks for the advice!

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