I love baby blankets!

Seriously, new favorite project. And with my Etsy store theme (and, to be honest, my color love in general), I’m hoping there are a lot of babies out there who love some rainbow and clashing in their lives.

Anyway, seriously. I can’t remember when I started this blanket, but it hasn’t been more than a week ago. I decided I wanted to do something with a mix of Red Heart Super Saver yarn I had sitting around. Actually, not completely sure about the purple, it might be another brand. But it’s definitely very, very similar.

Dark blue-ish purple = actually a normal medium purple in reality

Dark blue-ish purple = actually a normal medium purple in reality

There was more than this, of course. It was just what I had in excess, with no projects planned. I think the green was supposed to be part of a dragonfly amigurumi about a year ago, one that I planned to send to my mom for her birthday. I don’t know if I ever finished that or not…anyway, not the point here.

The other two colors are a mystery as far as origin. I probably just kept stocking up because you always need some RHSS in your life. I stopped using it for several months, but it has its (durable, machine washable, brightly colored) uses. Like toys and baby blankets!

See, I found my way back to the point!

So I looked on Ravelry for baby blanket patterns that would work with bright annoying colors. And I found my heaven-sent pattern on the always reliable Moogly! Their .“Wavy Baby Blanket” turned out to be exactly what I was looking for! Bright, not too much yarn, but would work with pretty much any combination of colors. And the texture looks like it’d be fun for a baby.

Plus, each square works up SO quickly. Honestly, it’s short rows, alternating so you don’t get super bored and lose count, and the color changes keep it fresh. Each block I had the realization of “holy crap I’m on the last row already”, so each block felt like it only took a moment. Sure, doing 16 of them took a little while, but still. I totally recommend this pattern.

So just a few minutes after finding the pattern, I had one block:


A little wonky, but that’s just sort of how the pattern is. Oh, I did change one tiny thing. For the edging, they wanted to “chain 3” instead of 3 SC into the corner. I tried that but didn’t like how it looked, so I did my 3 SC corner. I don’t think the blanket will suffer for it. It might change how I join the squares, but I can live with that.

As of about 30 minutes ago, I now have 16 squares!


I didn’t take pictures of the process in-between because there wouldn’t really be a point. It was 16 identical squares. I could knock out a few during a movie, that was that.

It was just counting each time I finished one to see how many I had left to make that was tough–“Hey, I’ve done 4 squares! So much progress!”…”Ok, now 7 squares, almost halfway!”…”Seriously, 9 squares? I’m barely past halfway”…”12 squares, getting close, I guess”…”15 squares, damn!” Then I finished 16 and here we are.

They are currently blocking as I type (and probably still as you read this):




No particular order or setup to it. I realize that I might not “have” to block these. The wavy pattern probably hides imperfect edges, and it doesn’t need to fit any sort of sizing issue. But as you saw in the picture of a single block, the edges can turn out pretty curvy.

I would have ironed them if I had an iron and if this yarn could handle it, but this was my best solution. I pinned them out in as close to a square shape as I could manage, and now they’re just sitting there hopefully flattening out into decent squares.

Life isn’t really predictable over the next few days, but I hope to join these squares tomorrow if I have the time. We’re moving in a week, we’ll be on the road at this time next Monday. So I’d like to move a blanket instead of a jumble of squares if I can.

Oh yeah, might as well “announce” that even though it doesn’t change much. I’m moving back in with my mother-in-law! The basic summary of the situation is that we can’t afford to live where we are anymore. Or we can, but that’s all we can do, not save up for a future. So we’re living with her for a year at most before we get our own place again, probably in her town.

So I might not be on here much at first, she doesn’t have internet in her house at the moment. We’re halfway through a contract, so we’re going to see if we can move our internet down there, possibly? Not sure how it works, but we’re calling Verizon tomorrow about it. The point is that I’ll only have my phone for a bit. And probably not much time to crochet as I look for a job. So if I don’t post for a while, I’m not dead. Just adjusting.

I knew this would be tough when I set it up, but I’m really going to miss my crochet room. Hopefully my mother-in-law has some space I can use for blocking future projects. She has three cats, but I think I can set aside some space, it’s a big house.

Oh, and my husband’s stepmother (so I guess my step-mother-in-law?) plans to open up her own yarn shop sometime in the future. I’m not sure how I get along with her yet, but I hope to become close and maybe join her in that venture! We’ll see where that takes me.

In conclusion, life is about to get nuts. But look at the pretty baby blankie in the meantime! See you all soon, hopefully!


2 thoughts on “I love baby blankets!

  1. The squares look like they’ll make an amazingly adorable baby blanket! LOVE the colors 🙂
    Good luck on your move. It can be tough living with an in-law, speaking from experience here, and sometimes the only thing you can do is mash your teeth together and put a smile on your face and know it’s not forever! Good luck on the job hunt too 🙂 Bigger and better things YAY!!!

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