My first original project!

I have tons of sock yarn. I love the stuff…but I hate crocheting socks. So I made that red shawl, but for the most part it sits unused in my stash.

So today I wondered what would happen if I used the stitch pattern from that rainbow baby blanket–diagonal box stitch, corner-to-corner, it has a few different names–but made a rectangle instead of a square.

I figured out how to do that thanks to peeking at a similar pattern, but since then I’ve been just making stuff up.

I did 11 squares for the width. Why 11, you ask? 10 or 12 are much prettier round numbers! 11 just felt right, I don’t know. Deal with it.

Anyway, I started with my purple Serenity Sock yarn.


Looks cool, right? But not quite cool enough.


Well, I had more Serenity Sock! In the colorway of “Chili”…which to me seems like a horrible name. These colors do NOT suggest chili to me. But whatever. Serenity be crazy.

I’m not sure how long each “stripe” of color will be, or if they’ll be evenly spaced. I’m 100% just following my gut here.

And I love it. I am creating something new and awesome. 


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