I’m working on my first real shawl!

I’ve made shawls before, but I always stuck to the same pattern because I was scared to try anything new. 

So yesterday, I looked at my three balls of Serenity Garden yarn (the Hibiscus colorway) and decided to try a “real” shawl, one that would challenge me and create a really gorgeous shawl.

And here’s my journey so far:


Isn’t it pretty? I loved how the starting ring was bright red, and then it immediately shifted to the dark purple-ish part.

But alas, I soon ran into a problem…


That pretty purple streak ended way too quickly, and was knotted to the next bright red chunk. I first tried undoing the knot and joining in the yarn as though I just had to switch yarn…and it didn’t look right at all. I don’t know why I didn’t take a picture of this part, but I was 3 or 4 rows into the project and suddenly instead of shifting back and forth between bright red and darker purple-red, it jumped immediately to bright red in the middle of a fan-thing (a bunch of DCs in a chain loop). It was nasty. 

So I frogged it back to where I had switched balls of yarn, and just left this first attempt basically right where it is in that picture. It was only a small chunk of the ball, and I really couldn’t use it in the new attempt. 

Here’s try #2:


Not quite as colorfully magnificent of a beginning, but this time I felt more confident about the stitching, so the actual shape looks better in my opinion.

And over a period of a couple hours last night, I really got into a good pace with this shawl:


The first color change! I liked this part a lot.ImageImageImage


And here’s what it looks like as of a few minutes ago. Maybe 3 or 4 hours of work on it so far. I feel like this won’t take an extremely long time, it’s rather repetitive once you get going.

The biggest problem is getting the hang of it. The pattern is originally in German, and the translation into English is confusing at times. But a lot of people on Ravelry promised that if you look back and forth between the written English and the chart, you’ll figure it out. And I think I have it down, I only check back to the chart every once in a while.

So, yeah. I’m really proud of this. The red is gorgeous, and even though it’s not a very exciting colorway, I think this pattern works well with just gentle shifts from bright to dark red. It lets the actual stitching and shape shine through.


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