The baby blanket is DONE!…And I may have started another one.

Why do I only have the dedication to finish blankets that aren’t for my personal use?

Anyway, here’s the finished creation:


Gorgeous, right?

I realize the edges are kinda weird. I tried to fix that in blocking, but I don’t have enough foam mats to block pretty much anything but a scarf, so it took some creativity and ended up making the edging more wonky than pre-blocking. I’ll hopefully afford more mats soon and re-block this since I hope to sell it.

Speaking of edging, this one is pretty cool:


Shut up, it’s really hard to get a picture of rainbow yarn. This pic was partly to show you the cool edging, and partly to show the random way that the colors lined up for this section. I didn’t really enjoy that, I liked the odd pairing, but it only lasted a few inches and then it was back to my weird edge again.

This blanket ended up starting a phase for me, though. I’m now addicted to baby blankets. I am not pregnant, nor is anyone I know at the moment. But they’re so fun to make! My best theory is that you get the experience of an entire project in such a small size. Like I get to start something new, work on it for days, and just when I would get tired of the full-size blanket, I’m done and it’s time to block!

So once I finished the rainbow one last night and got it blocking, I had the urge to start a new one already. 

I have tons of Caron Simply Soft in my yarn stash, a lot of them at least half-skeins left. So I got the idea to make an ugly scrap baby blanket! It’s definitely gender-neutral, and it clashes like crazy. But I actually kind of like it:





Totally weird, right? But I can’t look away. It’s disgustingly beautiful.

A close-up look at the beauty:


It’s so wrong, and yet so right.

At this rate, I may end up with an Etsy store of entirely baby blankets. And I am completely ok with this.









3 thoughts on “The baby blanket is DONE!…And I may have started another one.

  1. I love the waviness that the rainbow is making with this pattern! You’ve described so well why baby blankets are my favorite to make. 🙂 And they are so frickin soft! I have to stop every few rows and just touch the blanket. I’m such a weirdo! I love the progress so far on the new baby blanket too!

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