The second half…

Ok, so I decided that although I love rainbows, I simply would not really use a giant adult-sized rainbow blanket. I’m trying to dress and decorate in a more mature style, so this wonderfully clashing blanket wouldn’t really work.

Therefore, I’m making a baby blanket with half the yarn. The other half will either be another baby blanket, or some new project I don’t even know about yet.

Anyway, the point is that I’m now to the point of decreasing, and it still looks super cool:


Disregard my lunch in the photo…sorry :/ I can pretend the bowl is for scale.

These colors all combine to create a chaotic mess of a blanket, and I love it to death. I plan to binge on Simpsons episodes and try to finish this darn thing in the next 5 hours before I head to work.

Here goes nothing!


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