I regret nothing!

This blanket is still Totally. Freaking. Awesome.

I mean, just…


Look at that. It’s so bright and colorful and pretty.

I still have no idea how big it’s going to be, though. I like the baby blanket idea, but there are exactly zero babies in my life. And I’m not sure if the metallic sparkly part is safe for babies…any one know? 

Anyway, I noticed that this stitch pattern, the corner-to-corner sort of thing, almost ends up looking like basket-weave stitching!


Also I just wanted to take a close up of the glorious rainbow-ness.

That’s all for now! 


2 thoughts on “I regret nothing!

  1. I have some baby blankets that were made with that strand of metallic yarn woven in and they were fine. I’ve also made some with yarn that was marketed as baby yarn with it so it should be safe 🙂
    That looks like a fun pattern!

    • Awesome, thanks! I’m leaning towards making it an adult blanket, but I’m still not sure. Good to know it won’t hurt a baby. I don’t plan to chew on it either, thankfully.

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