I started another WIP, but it wasn’t my fault!

Ok, so I had a planned Hobby Lobby trip today. My husband and I needed to do some shopping, and while he did the boring guy stuff he dropped me off to do my yarn shopping. We make a good team like that. I needed more yarn for my rug, I used up all the red I had (which was the whole point of the project, using up that leftover skein, but whatever…)

Well, it turns out, Hobby Lobby doesn’t sell Red Heart anymore. I know, right? I swear they used to have a huge yarn selection. But today, they had exactly one Red Heart skein left, and it was marked down on clearance and not the color I needed. They had a few Lion Brand skeins, but 99% of it was their own store brand. I can live with this fact, it just surprised me. I never thought Walmart would be the only place I could find Red Heart anymore!

But anyway, I digress. I’m stubborn, so I had to buy something. My husband had given me a budget, and I don’t often get to yarn shop. So I searched and searched, until something rainbow caught my eye.

Baby Bee Sweet Delights Pomp yarn. I know, that’s too long of a name. But I guess they can’t call everything “I Love This Yarn ____ ” It was the “Crayon” colorway, and full of so many pretty colors, with a tiny metallic strand circling the whole thing, so it has a little bit of sparkle. And I could afford 5 skeins within my budget, which was over a thousand yards, so I had no choice! I had to buy it!

Looking around for a pattern, I discovered the “Spring Into Summer” Blanket from the Felted Button website. I’m not sure if there’s a way to link things in a pretty way on here, so here’s the page: http://www.feltedbutton.com/2014/03/spring-into-summer-with-free-crochet.html

It’s intended for Red Heart Unforgettable, and I had been meaning to buy that for a while to make this blanket. In fact, I looked for a similar substitute when I couldn’t find RHSS today, so I could make this. Instead, I found this Hobby Lobby brand that I think will also work nicely.

And it started off gorgeous:


Right away, I was just thinking “holy crap this was the perfect choice, SO MUCH RAINBOW!”

And it just got better from there:




They blend together so beautifully!


It’s actually creating some stripes of similar colors, which I’m ok with. I’m sure that won’t be true for the entire blanket.

I need to go make dinner, but I just had to tell you about this.


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