“Wow, this rug is going really fast! I must be almost finished by now!”

…Then I actually laid it out to check.

I’ll let you see for yourself.


This thing is going to be huge. And it’s going to take a very long time.

Don’t get me wrong, I love it to death. Having it laid out for a picture like this showed me how much I’ve improved my stitching, and also how great this linen stitch looks! I want to use this stitch for everything ever.

But seriously. I am going to put several skeins of each color into this rug, which I didn’t realize when I started. I really hope I correctly remember what the red is, because I’m going to need more of it soon. I was sure it was Red Heart “With Love”, but the wrapper that I found in the box where I found the yarn says it’s just plain RHSS. Hmm. It feels softer than most RHSS I’ve used. I guess I’ll just have to see when I buy more.

I’m just proud, considering the project went from this:



…to the image you see above, in a matter of a few days. It was intended to use up scrap yarn, but instead I’m buying more and more to flesh it out. At least it’s cheap yarn that I’m using.

And I realized my new favorite part–no blocking! For one thing, this stitch is soft and drapey enough that it’s not needed. Plus, it’s a rug. So there’s no need at all for blocking of any kind. When I stitch the last row, then add tassels…that’s it!

Alright, I’m gonna get back to stitching on this thing. I’ll hopefully be back with another update later on today or tomorrow. This thing is so big and awesome and I love it!

What’s the biggest project you’ve made (or is still in progress) to date?


2 thoughts on ““Wow, this rug is going really fast! I must be almost finished by now!”

  1. It looks great! I like those colors together! Hope you find the yarns to keep going 🙂
    I think I’ve commented before that my husbands sampler blanket was my largest project to date. I need to pick up my hook soon though. I’d like to crochet an over-tank-top type top.

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