Impulse projects are amazing

I had some red yarn. I’m 99% sure it’s Red Heart “With Love” or whatever that’s called. The softer, squishier Red Heart, you know the one.

Over the past few days, I tried using it for several different projects. None of them seemed right. I got 3 rows into a pillow, 5 or 6 rows into a sweater. It just never worked out.

Then I found a pattern book that my mother had given me for my birthday, that I had never made anything from yet. And within it, I found a rug pattern. It’s technically for bulky yarn, but this is a thicker worsted yarn and I think it’ll work just fine. As I searched through my stash, I found blue yarn that I think is the same as my red (they feel very very similar if not), and some teal worsted from Hobby Lobby. I like the contrast between the red and the blue/teal, but then the similarity between blue and teal. Together, the three are jarring but cute.

Here it is so far:





I love it to death. It’s squishy, it’s bright and obnoxious, and it’s working up SUPER fast. I’ve learned this is called the “linen stitch”, even though the pattern never mentioned that name.

Apparently this is a very popular stitch, and I’ve somehow never used it before! I agree with all the love. You can do it mindlessly, it feels really fast because you’re only doing half the actual crochet stitches it seems you should (alternating chain and SC). 

And in this project specifically, it feels fast because just when you get bored of red, you do a row of teal! Then one row later it’s blue! When you get bored of blue…teal again! Yes, it is that exciting to me. Shut up. I have no idea how wide (long?) this is going to be. Basically, I’ll work on it until I feel it’s a decent rug size. I just hope I’ve figured out the right yarns so I can buy replacement skeins.


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