The end of an era…

I’m going to finish my star blanket today.

I started the last skein last night. It’s about halfway gone. So once I pick up the project shortly, I’ll probably just keep going until I finish that skein and run out of yarn.

It’s probably about 2/3 the size it’s supposed to be. I’m not sure what I was thinking when I found the pattern/ordered the yarn, I honestly don’t know if I bought the amount that the pattern called for. I don’t even know how many skeins I used. But it’s definitely big enough for a cozy lap blanket, so I think my friend will enjoy it anyway. The pattern wants it to be pretty big, too.

But it feels weird. I’m procrastinating picking it up and starting, because then it’ll be done. And although it’s always nice to finish a WIP, this is my first completed blanket. A lot of work and a lot of yarn went into this. And I’m just giving it away for a friend’s wedding gift.

I’ll update with pictures within a couple hours to prove that I finished a blanket!


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