The Captain emerges…

So I was being dumb. My first intention with this Captain America blanket was to make all the squares.

Yep, that’s right…All 300+ squares…before joining them. I honestly planned to have this giant box filled with little granny squares, and then join them up.

I got smart. I present to you the legs of Captain America:


Or the bottom 2/3 of his legs, at least. And the border at the bottom, plus the blank space between his legs. It’ll look cooler with the rest of him attached, I promise. Or I hope. Maybe that’s what I meant. 

Anyway, this makes it much easier. 

1. Fewer squares in a random pile in what I have deemed my “Captain box”.

2. It’s not a WIP anymore…it’s a superhero taking shape. Honestly, I now feel guilty that he doesn’t have a body.

I can’t do much more besides finish off his legs and the border around them, but it feels like enough for now. Then I’ll need more yarn, and that’ll have to wait a while. We’re broke right now. I had bad timing in re-discovering my dedication on a WIP of Knitpicks yarn. Oops.


For progress marking, here’s the plan with what I have done X-ed out. And, of course, I feel the need to point out that there will be a border too. 

I’m quite proud of it so far, though!

Alright, time to go make pathetic money on the internet for my yarn addiction. See you!


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