Blanket Update!

The past few days, I have not let myself work on anything other than my friend’s wedding blanket.

It’s been hard, considering just a week ago or so I went to Joann and got some fun stuff, and that evening I started a shawl. And I have variegated purple sock yarn from that haul that I haven’t even started anything with, and you know how variegated purple is my weakness…

But I’ve been good. And here’s what I have to show for it:

Where it was about 3 days ago…


(With an old hook, even…I hadn’t worked on it in far too long.)

And here it is now, like literally 5 minutes ago:



I go back and forth between loving and hating this yarn, and right now I’m back to loving it. I wish I had used a slow-striping, instead of just this quick-changing multicolored, but I had a pretty tight budget considering how many skeins are needed for this damn thing. I think the one I’m about to finish is #4? Maybe 3, but I feel like it’s the 4th.

So as a reward, I’m at least going to look up patterns for that purple yarn. I’ve done like 7 rows on a big-ass blanket in just a few days, that’s decent progress. So while it will remain my priority, I need to take a WIP break, too.

How do you keep yourself motivated on big, repetitive projects?


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