Like seeing an old friend again…

Which, for this project, is an apt comparison.

What the hell do I mean, you ask? Returning to a project that I haven’t worked on in months. I believe I posted about it on here back when I started it, and it’s also my blog picture right now…the blanket I’m making for my friend’s June wedding.

Here’s the current progress:


It might not look much like progress if you’ve seen the most recent pictures, but on this blanket, 2 rows is a long time. That’s why I realized that “oh, I have months left to do it” doesn’t really mean anything anymore.

The pattern just says to go until a point is about 3 feet from the center…by my calculation, that’s like 35-40 rows. I’m on row 18, and can do like 2 or 3 rows a night during my free time. FOR NOW. Soon, a couple hours of crocheting will get me halfway through a row, once I get into rows in the 20s and 30s.

But it’s still nice. It was fun to start this project, and it worked up really fast at the beginning. I can’t really blame it for being slow now, that’s the nature of working in the round with flat objects. 

And it’s comforting. When this is done, I’ll be giving it to a friend whom I haven’t seen in about 3 years. And I’ll have put several months of work into it. It’s just a special experience all around 🙂

Have you had this feeling before, in re-discovering a WIP you put down for a while?


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