Beautifully ugly

So a few weeks ago, I mentioned that I was taking part in the “Aloha April” contest on the crochet subreddit.

I chose two colors of Simply Soft, a dark teal and a multicolored rainbow, for the striped armwarmer pattern.

Well, today, I finished the second one! Each arm warmer took me a day or so, they were just done about 2 weeks apart. I got scared today that the deadline was fast approaching so I started/finished #2. I was good, I have ten days, but I’m glad I got it done regardless.

Look at them!


The color scheme wasn’t obnoxious enough for me, so I switched which color was A and B for the second warmer. I actually really like it.

And the arm cuff of the second one made these awesome diagonal stripes on accident:


So, yeah. I finished a WIP! 

But I don’t have any real progress to report on the others…I mean, work is happening, but it’s not really a noticeable change yet. My sweater’s torso is taking gradual shape!


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