Ok, fine…

Pretty much the second I submitted that last post I realized that I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I knew I had made a mistake in this sweater, knew exactly what I had done, and didn’t fix it.

So I’m now frogging a night and afternoon’s worth of work.

I hope you’re happy, internet people. This blog has apparently given me some kind of crochet conscience.

(In case this is read in a mean tone, I’m just a little frustrated with myself. I’ve committed to frogging the section, though, and will hopefully post a fixed picture within a couple days!)


2 thoughts on “Ok, fine…

  1. I hate having to frog part (or a whole) project 😦
    However, when I began crocheting I read a very memorable idea in a forum somewhere; the just of it was that There are NEVER mistakes in crochet, a deviation from the pattern is just a new twist on it! And that pretty much even if you were doing something wrong, as long as you did it consistently then you’ve still created something great 🙂
    Good advice, but sometimes the KNOWING I’ve done something incorrectly haunts me until I fix it so I can again be happy with the piece.
    Good Luck!

    • That’s usually how I think of it as well. But in this case, it led to the waist of the sweater bulging out, so it wouldn’t have been comfy…I was willing to live with it if that was the intent in the pattern, but knowing that it wasn’t comfy AND wasn’t correct meant I had to undo it.

      I’ve now redone that section correctly and the sweater looks so much better!

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