My First Sweater, Part II

After spending a good part of the last 24 hours working on this (except for a work shift and some sleep), my first crocheted sweater is almost kind of taking sweater shape!


It was really hard to take a picture. But essentially, this is the body/torso part. That square in the middle is the neckhole, and the weird shapes on the side will seam together to form the sides and two armholes. And I think the sleeves will be done in the round from those once it’s seamed together?

This pattern is complicated enough without reading ahead. And that’s not an insult to the pattern, it’s just a complicated project. Which I really enjoy–I’m kind of tired of projects involving 75 rows of the same thing in a row (I’m looking at you, shawls/scarves!). I think that’s why I’ve been able to stay dedicated to this sweater.

That’s it for now, this is the only thing I’m working on right now (I’m getting better about dedication to one WIP at a time!).

See you later with (hopefully) more sweater updates!


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