I am in love with linked double crochet

First, some context. I got my first mill-end bag today from Joann Fabrics! I’ve always wanted to try it, but there was such a pathetic selection at my local store. But today…

1) They were $6.99 instead of $7.99!

2) The basket was FULL!

So I present to you, my first mill-end:


On the bottom of the picture, you can see the 5th ball of it, along with the sweater I’m using it for! I figured it was worth a shot.

There was another mill-end I wanted with like 8 smaller balls of a bright multicolored. But I figured if I have to pick only one (I had a tight budget and needed other yarn too), I might as well pick the one that’s somewhat color-coordinated.

This yarn is super soft, and decently thick! I really wish I could know what it is. There should be a website for narrowing this down, like “click the main color(s) of the yarn”, “select the approximate thickness”, “how soft is it?”, and it’ll tell you the most likely yarn name.

Anyway, I’m making a sweater. Specifically, the “Rosemary Sweater” from Interweave Crochet. 

And the main stitch making up this sweater, at least from what I can tell, is something I’ve never heard of before. The “Linked Double Crochet”.

It’s the same height as a double crochet (obviously), but it’s all…close together!

Look, here’s regular DC in this same yarn:


See, there’s a gap between each stitch. Here’s linked:


I was honestly even stretching it horizontally a little bit to see if it would show the same gaps, but it just doesn’t! Yes, I’m getting a little too excited over a crochet stitch, but…where has this been all my life?

Bonus shot of how cool this yarn looks:


Will this sweater look perfect? Hell no. I just might run out of this yarn before it’s over, and buy a close-enough mill end batch to finish it off. But I’m totally ok with an ugly sweater because this is really fun.

What about you? Had any particularly good/bad experiences with mill-end?


2 thoughts on “I am in love with linked double crochet

  1. I picked up some pretty purple mill-end yarn awhile back and made some really pretty hats from it. I only have 1 hat now as I, of course, gave the others away… but I love the hat I have and would love to come across more of the same yarn!

    • Yeah, I’m kind of sad now, this is some gorgeous yarn. Plus it’s bulkier than I thought so this might not make a full sweater…I may be getting into an interesting situation here!

      I am now a mill-end addict, though.

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