Colorful armwarmers!

I’m trying to get more involved in the crochet subreddit on, and one thing they’re doing this month is a contest. You need to create something (anything) using no more than 200 grams of yarn. That’s it, but it was still enough of a challenge to figure that part out. I’m obsessed with large projects lately. But on impulse, about 2 hours before entries closed down, I decided to take part.

I found a way to use up even more “scrap” yarn (half skeins) and make a super colorful creation!

I’m making a pair of the “All Grown Up” arm warmers from Moogly:

I had two partial/half skeins of Caron Simply Soft…


I love both of these, but it was hard to find a project for them. The teal one had been used and frogged a couple times, it just never worked with my ideas, I guess. And while I absolutely adore the rainbow, it’s not really suitable on its own in a project. I mostly use it as an accent color. 

I think they clash wonderfully for this idea!

I worked all evening yesterday and most of this afternoon, facing my fear of the back-post DC, to create the first arm warmer:


Sorry it’s not a great picture, I was dumb enough to put it on my dominant arm so it was hard to take a picture with my left hand.

I love what the BPDC does when switching colors:


It gives the stripe so much more pop!

That’s really all I had to say on the matter, honestly. I just figured I might as well share my project of the day. Hope you like it!


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