I made a thing with no pattern!

I got a new phone recently. It’s pretty awesome.

I’m also going through a hippie-ish phase of clothing, so I wear a lot of maxi skirts and dresses around my apartment. These things don’t have pockets, at least not the ones I own.

This phone is too large to tuck into my bra like some girls do (or my boobs are too small).

All of these factors added up to me deciding that I don’t care how dumb it looks, I’m making a phone holster to carry it around my apartment. I had some Knitpicks worsted yarn left over from my Captain America project (Spiderman, my original plan, needed a lot more red than Cap does), and that stuff is soft and sturdy. It was perfect!


Isn’t it purrrrty?

I’m actually quite proud of this. I’d show you a picture with the phone, but my phone is the only camera I have. It’s a perfect fit, though. I chained until it was exactly the width of the phone, then did single crochet around on both sides of the chain to make a flat bottom:


Kinda blurry picture, but I think you get the idea. It was enough work figuring out how to get these pics on here, I’m not doing it again. From there, I did a round of SC in the back loops only, so that it would create that pretty edge. I just liked how it looked.

The rest of the case itself is HDC around and around and around…not very exciting, but it was a “long” enough stitch that it didn’t take a bazillion rows, but tight enough that I still feel like it’s protected. I went until I almost reached the top, there’s about half an inch of phone sticking out of the top. I wanted to be able to get the darn thing out of there (seriously, snug fit). 

For the cord, I looked up a way to make a sturdy cord out of yarn, and found this awesome tutorial: http://hookcandy.blogspot.com/2011/10/crochet-i-cord-instructions.html

It was great for my purposes–still loose and soft enough to wear it around my neck, but still sturdy.

However, because it’s my phone and I’m paranoid, I added another cord. I did the first one starting from one side and attaching to the other, then I just started a second cord from that side. When it was the right length, I tied it off and twisted them together before attaching it:


I’m not 100% sure why, I just thought it looked cool.

So, today is a landmark day. I wanted to make something, couldn’t find the right pattern, so I said “screw it” and made my own. And I’m really proud of that.


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