I just feel like I should share updates of my life on here too…

I got married today.

That was pretty cool. We just went in to get the license, because you have like 3 months in which to schedule the actual ceremony part (and our plan was the cheapest, easiest justice of the peace option we could find within that time).

But the really helpful woman at the desk told us we could also pay less and get a license that meant we were married then and there. Just like that.

We’re poor and impatient, so that was obviously the best option ever.

So…now I’m married! It doesn’t change anything in my life because we’ve been together for 4 years, engaged for 3, living together for 2…like literally, nothing changed except that I can now call him my husband.

But that’s pretty cool.

That’s all, nothing crochet-related right now to share. I’m making market bags with my scrap yarn, I guess. That’s crochet-related. There, it’s not a worthless post now.


2 thoughts on “I just feel like I should share updates of my life on here too…

  1. Congratulations!!! I was married (10.5 years ago) by the local mayor on the day we got our marriage license 🙂 All the money that goes into the lavish ceremonies was just not for us! We’re still going strong and no regrets on not having the BIG dream wedding.

    • Thanks!

      We still plan to have a church wedding, he doesn’t see us as “completely” married until it’s in the eyes of the church and whatnot. But we can wait a while for that, until we can afford it!

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